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Z Hunter - War of The Dead

Z Hunter - War of The DeadZ Hunter - War of The DeadZ Hunter - War of The DeadZ Hunter - War of The DeadZ Hunter - War of The DeadZ Hunter - War of The DeadZ Hunter - War of The DeadZ Hunter - War of The DeadZ Hunter - War of The DeadZ Hunter - War of The Dead


Vlad Popa
Posted: Vlad PopaTested 19 May 2017 on Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo

Zombie killing fun
Can be played without in-app purchases, quality graphics, convenient controls
Player movement is too restricted

Z Hunter – War of the Dead is a first person shooter set during the zombie outbreak. There are still plenty of humans left and it’s your job to save them in every mission, by killing the zombies that are heading right for them. You have all the needed tools at your disposal to put down all the undead. A trusty sniper rifle, an assault weapon and even a dead-detecting radar, all these and more you can use to save the few humans left.
The graphics are quite decent. Level design is quite detailed and while staring through the scope of a sniper rifle, at full zoom, the zombies manage to look menacing. The kill-cam triggered when scoring a headshot on an undead manages to show off the graphic engine quite a bit. In later missions players will need to utilize all the tools at their disposal in order to succeed. Sniper rifles are used to take out far off and lone enemies while groups of zombies require the assault rifle. If things get confusing, pull up the radar and check which of the zombies the immediate threat is.
Completing missions rewards the player with cash that can be used to upgrade weapons or purchase new ones, although it’s a bit uncertain where your main character spends money during a zombie outbreak, or even why it still has value.
Overall Z Hunter – War of the Dead for Android is a fun and challenging game. Although it may not look like it at first, once you’ve progressed past a few levels it becomes harder and harder to keep an eye on all the humans at once. It would have been nice if the player had more freedom to move around the environment, but it is an enjoyable experience nonetheless.
Final ratings
Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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