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Review TapPath

Jay Feldman
Interesting functionality
Glitches, is lagging
TapPath for Android aims to be a convenient multi-tap launcher for web links. The idea is innovative, but the execution is lacking.
TapPath has some interesting functionality in concept, but in reality, is highly glitchy and rarely works right. The idea is, whenever you see a link in a web browser, you can single, double or triple tap the link to launch different apps. Single tap opens the link as normal, while double and triple taps open apps or functions that have been assigned to each respective series of taps. Sounds great, right? If only it worked.
I tried this app on half a dozen of the most popular web browsers and it failed to work in any of them. Single taps were only rarely intercepted by TapPath, while double and triple taps were virtually useless. The only time I got them to work successfully, was within the apps own test page. You can set the sensitivity and delay of the taps, but none of those tweaks made a bit of difference for me.
Setup was easy; just follow the onscreen instructions to set TapPath as your default browser. Assigning specific apps to the double and triple taps is also exceedingly easy. But that's about where the convenience stops.
TapPath is an interesting idea but currently functions like a glitchy beta. Honestly, even if it worked, I doubt I'd find much use for it. It's just not that meaningful to me to be able to launch 2 specific apps with multi-tap. The fact that it doesn't actually work in a real world setting only reinforces its redundancy.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 5/10
Originality 8/10
Design 6/10
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