Gear Jack Black Hole
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Gear Jack Black Hole
Gear Jack Black Hole
Gear Jack Black Hole
Gear Jack Black Hole
Gear Jack Black Hole
Gear Jack Black Hole
Gear Jack Black Hole
Gear Jack Black Hole
Gear Jack Black Hole

Review Gear Jack Black Hole

Jay Feldman
Quality animation, quality graphics, addictive game play, two-finger controls
Kills your battery, unbalanced difficulty, aggressive ad system
Gear Jack Black Hole for Android is a solid gamer's game. The action is good and the visuals border on stunning. But the ads are highly intrusive and really impact the game's enjoyment.
Gear Jack Black Hole is actually a lot of fun. The game takes place in what looks like a strange and eerie underworld. Our hero bursts out from the left of the screen and is being chased by a huge hungry monster snapping its enormous jaws and trying to eat you as a tasty treat. You outrun the monster pretty quick, but never stop. As you traverse this side scrolling underworld, you gotta jump obstacles, pools of burning lava and duck enormous saw blades, just to name a few. The action is fast paced and non-stop ....well, it does stop, often actually; to force you to look at ads, watch videos or pay for upgrades to continue playing.
I'm actually a fan of the watch videos for play sorta programming, because everyone wins; developers get coin, and players get to play. I liken it to pumping quarters into a video game. But even a video game gives you 3 lives before they ask for another quarter. This game is relentless with the pay to play mentality. Weather you pay for the magic gemstones to continue your game, or watch the obligatory videos, you will definitely waste a lot of time waiting for the halt screen to disappear. I understand the approach, but it's a tad heavy handed.
The graphics are dripping with intrigue and saturation. I loved all the weird and kooky locales and ever changing backdrops. The animation is excellent and the game functions smoothly. There's a high level of difficulty here, which only makes the constant interruptions all the more annoying.
Gear Jack Black Hole has all the makings of a classic, however, it would do good to just offer an outright purchase for this game and ixnay on all the obtrusive ads and heavy handed interruptions. It just undercuts what it otherwise a solidly entertaining game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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