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Furball Rampage
Furball Rampage
Furball Rampage
Furball Rampage
Furball Rampage
Furball Rampage
Furball Rampage
Furball Rampage
Furball Rampage

Review Furball Rampage

Jay Feldman
Unusual graphics, unusual plot, dynamic game play
Lags a bit, dependence on in-app purchases
Furball Rampage for Android takes a familiar side scrolling, coin collecting, Mario Brothers sorta rip-off and adds just enough twists and intrigue to remain interesting.
Furball Rampage has an unusual concept within a truly tired game format. You are a cute little gerbil - or something small and fluffy with 4 legs and innocent batting eyes – and your mission is to run around the pet store, gathering coins, yummy treats and goofy power-ups. Jump over this, scoot under that, it’s all very familiar. Until…. you eat a power up, or something, and suddenly it’s Dr. Jekyll meets Mr. Gerbil, and the cute little critter morphs into a humongous monster that bursts through the ceiling and is hungry for scurrying humans. (It’s a proven fact that humans taste better when they scurry; every 40 foot evil gerbil knows that.)
Ok, so now the marginally entertaining Mario Bros clone turns into Godzilla and the Hulk’s love child; bashing buildings, eating terrified humans and just having a good ol’ time. But soon, just like Bruce Banner, the rampage wears off and the big, mean’o monster turns back into a cute little gerbil who just wants to collect coins and eat treats.
The controls work fine; one button jumps the other scoots under stuff. When in beast mode, the same controls can be used to shake humans out of buildings and pop them in your mouth like tasty truffles. The animation is colorful and vivid. But the game is also a battery killer. I’m not sure this would be as much fun on a smaller screen where all the details would be lost.
Furball Rampage is interesting and mildly entertaining for a while; or at least until the novelty of turning into a big monster wears off. I think kids would go bonkers for this one, and fans of side scrolling, coin collecting clones will be thoroughly satisfied with it too. For me, I've already had my fill. *Burp* Excuse me; must have been someone --er -- something I ate.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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