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Review tTorrent

Jay Feldman
Powerful functionality, nice interface, modern design
Search function not included, illegal downloading is a crime
tTorrent for Android is the best torrent app I have ever tried. It works, it's easy, and the interface is user friendly and highly intuitive. If you're going to skirt copyright laws to download music and movies you have no right to claim, then this is the way to do it.
tTorrent is an excellent torrent app, largely because it's virtually the only torrent app I've tried that actually works. Unlike the alternatives, tTorrent didn't make me feel like dirty after using it. My tablet felt secure and like it wasn't going to catch some virtual STD that would make me regret using this app; or rather, letting this torrent app use me, as most of them do.
The interface is clean and modern. But for some stupid reason, the search function is an extra download. Well, I don't really know who can use a torrent app without a search function, so the added step made no real sense to me; unless there's some sort of privacy invasion or outright Trojan that's acquired during this privately initiated download. I don't totally trust the extra download and am highly suspect of the reasons behind it, but other than that, the app gave me none of the heebie jeebies that virtually all other torrent apps give me.
Once you're up and running, finding torrents to download is a simple affair. Just search for what you want, pick the one that looks good and start stealing - er - downloading music, movies and even software. The rules are that you can download content you already own for the purposes of saving a "backup copy." Yeah right. I initiated a download of a CD I already purchased lawfully, so to my knowledge, that's still 100% legal and allowed. But let's not kid anyone here - no one is looking for torrent apps because it's a convenient way to save backup copies of stuff you already own. People want torrents because they want to steal copyright protected works. It's just that simple.
This is virtually the only torrent app I've tested that initiated downloads and completed them, just as they should. The songs I downloaded were complete within maybe 15 minutes and I could keep track of all the peers and other marginally useful data that any desktop torrent software can.
tTorrent works exactly as advertised. Yes, I was once caught by the lure of 'free' downloads. But there's simply no way around the fact that this is outright stealing, so I'm not longer a fan or proponent of torrents. However, if you're determined to move forward anyway, this is absolutely the best torrent app out there. Just remember - don't do the crime of you can't do the time. Just because you're at home in your comfy chair, don't think the authorities aren't watching. And one day, there might just be a knock at the door and someone just might be standing there with a shiny new set of bracelets for you to try on. Use at your own risk.

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Usefulness 8/10
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Does this spp work with the Sony Xperia. ?
screenshots in english is that to hard to get
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