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Don't Tap The White Tile

Don't Tap The White TileDon't Tap The White TileDon't Tap The White TileDon't Tap The White TileDon't Tap The White TileDon't Tap The White TileDon't Tap The White TileDon't Tap The White TileDon't Tap The White Tile


Jay Feldman
Posted: Jay FeldmanTested 12 May 2017 on ASUS Nexus 7 (2013)

Maddeningly simple
Addictive game play, simple controls
Drives you batty before long

Don't Tap The White Tile for Android is maddening yet addictive. If you don’t have attention deficit disorder already, this may give it to you.
Don't Tap The White Tile is one of those games that might leave you crouched in a corner muttering profanity while madly pounding your finger into your gizmo’s screen. The play is sadistically simple: tap the colored tiles Only – No. White. Tiles. …EVER!!! (Read that like Joan Crawford.) When in doubt, refer to the previous sentence, and try reading it more emphatically.
You can change the colors of the tiles you are supposed to press; there’s green ones, blue ones, pretty red ones, bright yellow ones …well you get the idea. No matter the color, white is still taboo.
There’s 5 columns of tiles, most of them white. As you tap each colored tile in sequence, everything moves downward, faster and faster. And the tiles you’re pressing play a familiar, royalty free tune that you’ll swear you've heard before, but won’t quite be able to identify; or maybe you will. Point is …(say it with me now) …never hit the white tiles! If you hit the white tiles terrible things will happen -- or -- it just turns red and it's game over, I can’t remember which.
The controls work great, and they’d better, cuz they only do one thing. You can change the piano sound to a bleepy sorta thing. You can even turn off songs you can’t stand and never, ever wanna hear again.
Don't Tap The White Tile is addictive for a little while, but if you play it for any length of time, you may want to take a pulse on your own sanity. Just sayin’. Enjoy!
Final ratings
Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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I love it so much I cant stop playin it
They did go too ur play store and look it up
i like this app so much you guys should make different kind of these. 
They do go con playa store and search
Haha, we're glad to hear you are enjoying it; however we are not developers. We merely review the apps and post them on our site.


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