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Happy Street
Happy Street
Happy Street
Happy Street

Review Happy Street

Sergei Petrov
Happy Street - this is not a typical social strategy for the operating system Android, with amazing graphics and the most charming characters. In this game there is something magical that attracts and makes enter the game again and again. Of course, this is not without its disadvantages, which we will discuss in this review.
In the beginning we have only two characters - a fox and a wolf. Education is very fast, but the essence of the game is explained in visual dialogue or revealing. As soon as we start to build the first building in our cozy village immediately begin arriving guests and potential new residents of our village.
Visiting animals are constantly interacting with each other, fall in love, living together and gradually increase your level, on which depend the income of the entire village.

The gameplay in Happy Street

Judging by the name of the game, it becomes clear that here we are not given all the build up and down. Structure we can put only on horizontal bar next to each other. Some of the buildings are houses for the inhabitants of the street, others bring a little money.
The first 20 minutes should carefully go through all the proposed tasks, because in that case you will understand all aspects of the game. Let the level of sales and the number of buildings, this game can not compete with the space colony, where everything has a cartoon response.
Donut game Happy Street is already apparent just at 15 minutes, when we set the slot machine, and there is free you can spin the wheel once a day. And the first time roulette 100% programmed to win, after which there is a strong desire to spin again. To re-activate the roulette wheel, you need to buy a set of crystals that game methods will be very difficult to get.
It is questionable morality of developers, as the game Happy Street is targeted primarily at children. Slot machine looks in this light rather ominous, especially with the programmed first win. Well, what it does not manipulate children's fragile minds?
Summary. Happy Street - it is very colorful and cute strategy for Android, which simply submits its unique style and great charisma characters. This game is recommended to all fans of the genre and the people who can resist playing roulette for money.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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