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Review Cado

Tariq Abdulla
Can be played without in-app purchases, lots of levels, unusual plot, quality physics, no ads
No tilt control
Cado for Android is an imaginative physics based puzzle game. Cado is the dot from the letter ‘i’, but in the game looks like an eyeball doodle. The objective is to guide Cado around the level by rotating it, thus changing the direction of gravity. This game is controlled with left and right buttons, rather than tilting your phone; but the controls are very responsive.
Every level in Cado is a doodle on graph paper. Each level includes thick black lines; red spikes that you need to avoid; a gold star that you may collect (but is usually in a precarious position); perhaps a key to unlock some part of the doodle, and finally the portal that will take you to the next doodle. The visual simplicity of Cado is quite refreshing. You need to exercise careful control when rotating the paper, because it is very easy to fall off the level completely.
You start with 10 Cados, and when you’ve used them up you can either buy some more, or wait 10 minutes for more Cados to be added. Apart from this, the game is free and free of ads. This is very good to see, as in this case the optional in-app purchases don’t actually give you any “unfair” advantage in the game; they simply allow you to play Cado uninterrupted for longer periods.
Each level in Cado is distinctive, and there are at least 80 challenging levels to work through. I love the way that simple visual elements are used to create a whole world of adventure in this stimulating gravity-tilting puzzle.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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