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Battery Widget Reborn
Battery Widget Reborn
Battery Widget Reborn
Battery Widget Reborn
Battery Widget Reborn
Battery Widget Reborn
Battery Widget Reborn
Battery Widget Reborn
Battery Widget Reborn

Review Battery Widget Reborn

Tariq Abdulla
Powerful functionality, lots of settings, simple interface, elaborated design
Crashes from time to time
Just how obsessive are you about batteries? Do you lie awake at night worrying about the reduced lifespan of the devices you left charging the night before? While people are trying to talk to you, are you really thinking about charge cycles and depths of discharge; and whether or not you have enough juice left to get you to the end of the day? Do you wish there was a way to get a permanent graph on your tablet of not only the charge history, but also the projected future, so you can see exactly when your device will be fully charged or run out of juice?
For good measure, would you like that information summarized with a circular indicator bar, in any color scheme you can design, along with your device’s temperature, the time remaining to a full charge or discharge; and the exact time when this is projected to happen? Then stop your fretting and fussing my obsessive compulsive friend, for this is Battery Widget Reborn for Android; the answer to all your battery prayers!
OK, teasing apart, it is extremely useful and interesting to be able to see what your battery has been doing over time, and how long it should have before fully charging, or running out of power. If that's not enough, Battery Widget Reborn will also monitor your battery performance over time, and tell you how long it usually takes to fully charge, and how long you normally get out of that charge. So you can watch in real time your battery’s inevitable, gradual decline in health; and plan ahead the best time of day for plugging in. The graph or indicator widgets can do a range of things when you tap them, such as bring up a list of the apps using the most power (nice). Ironically, one of the options is to activate a flash torch! But this is a really great way of saving space or time by removing the need for a separate torch widget.
Battery Widget Reborn also comes with a range of options for reducing power consumption, such as turning down the brightness, turning off background sync and data etc. There’s a night mode option, where you can disable all this sort of thing while you are meant to be sleeping. You can set different night mode hours for the weekend. You may even sleep a little better at night, knowing that your phone is disconnected from the WiFi, and Battery Widget Reborn is watching it charge.

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Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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