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Hay Day
Hay Day
Hay Day
Hay Day
Hay Day
Hay Day
Hay Day
Hay Day
Hay Day
Hay Day
Hay Day
Hay Day
Hay Day
Hay Day
Hay Day

Review Hay Day

Danielle Aaizelle Cardenas
Quality sound, simple controls, no ads
Too easy, monotonous game play
Hay Day is a farming simulator for Android. If you love simulator games, then this game is for you. The game is closely similar to farming in real life. In the beginning you have to paint silo and ranch so you can start using them, you start with 3 chickens as your livestock, and you can sell the items that you produce in your farm. Just like in the real life, you start small. Basically you start with only 3 chickens but as your level gets higher, you will be entitled to add more and eventually different kinds of livestock. Unlike any other farming simulator game, the animals are adorable and every time you drag and drop them from the shop, they actually sit like they were thrown in the pen.
The controls are great and simple. Unlike any other game you have to tap this and that repeatedly to do a task but in this game, you just have to tap once and drag it anywhere you want the task to be done. For example, your crops are ready to harvest. Simply tap on one ready crop and the tool for it will appear, now you just have to drag the tool on any crop that are ready to harvest them. Same goes with buying something from the shop. Let’s say a new pen for your cows. To buy them, you just have to drag it out of the shop and it will let you choose where you can place your new pen.
Planting crops, baking breads, and the other tasks that you need to do can be repetitive or impatient. In the beginning of the game, you will be given diamonds (the currency that you can use to buy something or speed up a process) and if you can’t wait for something to finish, you can use these diamonds. But the longer the process you will speed up, the higher number of diamonds will be required. The background music for the game for me is just right. Although some tasks need patience (rather than spending diamonds), I wait for them to finish and the background music somehow keeps me entertained.
Hay Day is so far the best farming simulator that you can find for Android. Great graphics and easy controls are its strengths and to be honest, the app doesn't have weaknesses. Perfect!

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Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 with android 4.4 os
still saying not compatible with device
Tariq Abdulla
crazy, I dunno, you could try getting this from another source like apk mirror, and just see if it works...
Your nook tablet keeps wiping everything out then says its installed
Tariq Abdulla
what do you mean by wiping everything out? are you trying to install it?
My first time download
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