MAGNETOID - Robo Runner
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MAGNETOID - Robo Runner
MAGNETOID - Robo Runner
MAGNETOID - Robo Runner
MAGNETOID - Robo Runner
MAGNETOID - Robo Runner
MAGNETOID - Robo Runner
MAGNETOID - Robo Runner
MAGNETOID - Robo Runner

Review MAGNETOID - Robo Runner

Jay Feldman
Classic arcade play, exciting plot, really addictive
Needs to be elaborated, high difficulty, monotonous game play
MAGNETOID - Robo Runner for Android reminds me of a classic arcade game. This is a gamer’s gem that will drive you nuts, but in a good way. I felt the old addictions and compulsive jittery twitches coming back with this one. It really took me back to my arcade days and I could easily have seen myself killing the whole day and all my allowance on this one.
MAGNETOID - Robo Runner is cool retro fun. The graphics pay homage to the old space Invaders and Atari days. And the sounds are the kind that will induce sleepless nights; ringing in your head long after the game is over. Give me a stool and a roll of quarters and I’m set for some serious marathon play. Good thing is, all I have to do is sit in my comfy chair and keep hitting the Try Again button on this one. The sleepless nights this game is sure to induce would be another issue entirely.
Game play itself is simple. You are a little electrified blobby thing that looks a little like a demonic sorta jack o lantern. You have 2 polarities; just tap the screen to toggle between the 2, magnetizing yourself to either the left or right side of the screen as you jettison upward, faster and faster. Collect batteries to keep you charged and energized. Avoid obstacles that will cause you to short circuit and go splat.
The play gets fast and frenzied as you zig-zag across the screen, left and right, gobbling up batteries and avoiding dangers. The higher you climb, the faster you go. There’s even a turbo boost that can be activated if you last long enough. I was only able to activate it once; this game is just too fast to take screenshots and play well at the same time. But I managed to snap off some good ones.
MAGNETOID - Robo Runner is a hardcore gamer’s dream. It plays like a classic and isn't bogged down by a needless plot and complex controls. This one is as simple as it gets, but requires real mastery and ability to conquer. No ads either; just intense, heart pounding fun. I’ll probably need an intervention to pry me away from this one. HELP!

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Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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