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Locket Lock Screen
Locket Lock Screen
Locket Lock Screen
Locket Lock Screen
Locket Lock Screen
Locket Lock Screen
Locket Lock Screen
Locket Lock Screen

Review Locket Lock Screen

Tariq Abdulla
Functions quickly, neat design, completely free
Not enough of settings
How many times per day do you unlock your phone in a moment of pure idleness, only to forget what you wanted to look at? Locket for Android is a free lock screen app that promises to remove these awkward moments by delivering fresh and relevant content every time you wake up your phone. When you first install the app you select from some general areas of interest (e.g. travel, news, food and drink etc.). Locket then monitors which stories you have been glancing at, as well as the stories that you explicitly “<3”, so that it automatically tailors content to your interests.
In the world of personalized content-delivering lockscreen apps, there are two main schools of thought. There are those that integrate your existing information feeds (Facebook, email, calendar notifications etc.), and those that deliver content from outside of your usual streams. Locket for Android belongs firmly to this second camp, in collecting interesting current stories from other sources.
Locket is minimalist in design, and does not have many options in terms of customization, other than setting up your interests. With the app installed, as soon your phone wakes, you are presented with some full screen photos of mountains and rivers etc. that change from time to time. These images are beautiful and quite soothing. This arguably provides a welcome moment of calm in our cluttered modern lives; and may even remind you that you didn’t really need to turn on your phone at that particular moment after all! Perhaps not intentional, but an instant (constantly changing) visual reminder that there is a beautiful world outside your phone, is a deterrent that some people will find appealing. You have the options to unlock your phone, like the image, or read some stories. After a few hours tracking your interests, stories will also start appearing on the lock screen, and you can swipe through them to find one that appeals to you.
Here’s the thing though. When you have tapped a story to read more, you are now reading the article within the locket application. Above this is a logo from the online service providing the content (e.g. Buzzfeed, BoredPanda, Forbes), and above that again a ribbon with some options to read the content in your browser or share the story. Altogether, this takes up quite a lot of screen real estate, and this could be designed better. Overall, it’s lovely to have beautiful random photos on waking your phone, and the stories delivered might give you something interesting or different to read, at least a few times a day. Locket is certainly worth installing for this reason. The lack of security options is a bugbear, doubtless to be addressed by the developers at some point; but in the mean time there is nothing to stop you combining the Locket welcome screen with one of your phone’s bundled security locks.

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 7/10
Design 8/10
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