Bounsy - Finger Physics Puzzle
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Bounsy - Finger Physics Puzzle
Bounsy - Finger Physics Puzzle
Bounsy - Finger Physics Puzzle
Bounsy - Finger Physics Puzzle

Review Bounsy - Finger Physics Puzzle

Jay Feldman
Well-balanced difficulty, every level brings something new, quality physics
Inconvenient to play on a small screen
Bounsy - Finger Physics Puzzle for Android is kind of maddening, but in a good way. Hang on a sec.......
Ok, thanks for waiting. I just finished playing this nutty game and had to wait for my eyeballs to stop bouncing in my head!
The concept of Bounsy - Finger Physics Puzzle is simple. There''s a container full of bouncy balls above, and below there are empty containers. Release the balls above and bounce them into the empty containers below. Sometimes you just have to fill one container, other times, there's multiples. Each empty container tells you how many it needs, and the balls soon go rebounding everywhere. Thankfully, all of this mayhem is happening on my tablet, because I'd hate to clean up this mess if it were real! Naturally, things get complicated fast, with obstacles and all kinds of wacky stuff. In other words - it's fun!
Controls are easy; just touch the screen where you want to create a rebound point, and watch the balls bounce everywhere. The trickiest part of this game is seeing around your fingers to the action on screen. I think this would play much better on a tablet than a phone for that reason alone. But it's cool because you can use 2 fingers to create multiple rebound points. It's fun to watch everything go ga-boing. Oh, and sometimes I even win. ;)
Nice clean sound effects. This is the kind of puzzle game you can come back to again and again.


Bounsy - Finger Physics Puzzle is just good, clean, mindless fun. The physics is great and the game is very smooth and snappy. Definitely would hold my interest and I experienced no hiccups.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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