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The Lawless
The Lawless
The Lawless
The Lawless
The Lawless
The Lawless
The Lawless
The Lawless
The Lawless

Review The Lawless

Jay Feldman
Quality animation, quality 3d graphics, exciting plot, exciting game play
Needs to be elaborated
The Lawless for Android is a lot more fun than I expected. Think Gunsmoke meets Clint Eastwood. Very cool.
The Lawless feels like you’re inside a movie that plays out from a gunslinger’s POV. It’s high noon, everyone’s locked and loaded and ready to blaze lead. There’s several different locales within this old west town. The first is a saloon, you’re minding your own business and pounding back a brew. Then someone pisses you off. Why? I dunno; because the game would suck if everyone sang Kumbaya. So the lead showdown goes down. Are you the quickest draw; or just plain dead? We’ll see, Tex. Spit yer tobacco, pilgrim, and let’s throw down.
The gun smoke clears and someone’s dead. Is it you? Are you’re the bad-ass with the spit and vinegar to win the showdown? Maybe, Tex.
Another shootout takes place on Main Street. It’s a classic western shootout. There’s interior locations, day, night and fireside shootouts. It’s all very intense and cool. The controls are especially neat because just before the lead flies, you have a split second to single out threats from the innocent. Tap the screen to target the threats and then watch the bullets fly. Too slow, and you’re dead. But if you’re the fastest draw, the bad guys all drop in a flurry of bullets.
The Lawless is super cool, lots of fun and beautifully animated. Lot’s of originality in this one. An instant classic sure to be a huge hit. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m late for a duel. So I tip my hat to you, and saunter off to burn more gunpowder and lead.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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