Tunnel Trouble 3D
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Tunnel Trouble 3D
Tunnel Trouble 3D
Tunnel Trouble 3D
Tunnel Trouble 3D
Tunnel Trouble 3D
Tunnel Trouble 3D
Tunnel Trouble 3D
Tunnel Trouble 3D

Review Tunnel Trouble 3D

Jay Feldman
Fast paced, really addictive, one-finger controls
Under developed, bad detalization, graphics could have been better
Tunnel Trouble 3D for Android is fast paced and action packed. Feel the need for speed? Then knuckle your gizmo and get ready for some high octane fun.
The strength of this game lies in it's simplicity: burn rocket fuel and speed through a narrow tunnel, twisting and turning while trying not to go splat. The farther you go, the faster your rocket accelerates, amping up the intensity and difficulty.
Sound good? Wait, there's more...
Hatch doors open in random geometric shapes and you have to dodge, bob and weave your way through the constantly shifting patterns. Mess up, and you go boom. Test your skill. Beat your own record. Feel like an astronaut rock star without leaving your comfy chair.
Tunnel Trouble 3D has simple, one finger controls; just a virtual joystick on the corner of the scree. The control is responsive and seems very accurate - which means I kinda suck at this game! Lots of fun, but I go boom a lot. I'm hooked. I keep playing race after race, and it gets me more jittery than a cup of coffee. I didn't care at all for the music, but that didn't impact the enjoyment.


Tunnel Trouble 3D is one of the better games I've tried in a while. Very easy to jump in and have fun. Love the fast paced action.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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Tunnel turble 3d
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