Dungeon Madness
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Dungeon Madness
Dungeon Madness
Dungeon Madness
Dungeon Madness
Dungeon Madness
Dungeon Madness

Review Dungeon Madness

Kirill Muhin
Dungeon Madness - this is an interesting pixel RPG for Android, in which you will save the world from a powerful sorcerer. Your main enemy hides in the depths of the terrible dungeons. Prepare your hero, learn combat magic and move out on the road, where you have to kill a crowd of skeletons, zombies and other monsters guarding rest of his master.
Executed in a retro style graphic design is decent. Dark corridors where the darkness dispersed torches, various furniture, lots of space and other elements that complement the atmosphere. Models look rather mediocre, that is not surprising, because of the colored squares to create beautiful monsters not.


At each level, you first need to find a way out, and after that, if there is a desire to clean up all the rooms. But the further you go down, the harder it will get to the exit - require keys, and sometimes even more, to open the door leading to the next floor of the dungeon. In addition, as a large number of stands guard monsters, which should kill.
To increase your chances of winning, you need a good weapon and armor. You can find them in the most unexpected places, such as breaking a box or cupboard or killing another skeleton. Therefore, you should carefully examine each room and smash all that is possible. In addition to ammunition, the hero will gradually raise their level, and with it, increasing the impact force, vitality and magic abilities. By the way, all unnecessary items can be dismantled and for them to get the coins, which are already improving their magical skills.
All control is moved to the touchscreen. To move your character, you simply tapnut in the right place, just carried out the attack, while hack it on their own. To activate the spell you just select it in the bottom menu and specify the target. In the lower left corner you can see two icons: Inventory and abilities.

Features Dungeon Madness for Android:

  • Cute pixel graphics;
  • 13 levels with bosses;
  • The system pumping hero;
  • Several types of weapons and magic;
  • Easy operation.
Deficiencies in the chart are obvious, but the design and very well detailed locations save the situation. Gameplay is very simple form, lacks additional quests and a variety of weapons. Distributed free of charge to the game, but a serious donation and advertising in it.


Dungeon Madness - this is a very good retro RPG, which can attract the attention of fans of the genre. Somewhat embarassing pixel graphics and repetitive levels. If you do not mind spending a few hours wandering through the dark corridors and killing vermin, the game you will be able to provide it in full.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 6/10
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