Western Mini Shooter
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Western Mini Shooter
Western Mini Shooter
Western Mini Shooter
Western Mini Shooter
Western Mini Shooter

Review Western Mini Shooter

Aleksei Chernikov
Western Mini Shooter - is a fun and simple shooter game for Android, in which the player assumes the role of a seasoned cowboy. Wild West is not the same, instead of robbers attacked the territory of ninjas and aliens from outer space. However, the protagonist of the game can not be called a classic hero of westerns. Cowboy moves on a donkey, wearing helmets of a bygone era and shoots a blaster. Game development studio took iMAX Games, which has managed to release a couple of fun arcade games with a simple gameplay. This shooter can not be called serious - it's a fun game with funny characters and simple controls.


As noted above, the game is very simple, so it is not provided training. Gameplay is a shooter with a top. Management is performed using classical layout - left joystick to move, and the right for shots. Also on the left side of the display are special icons, clicking on which there is a change weapons. All in the game there are three types of weapons: firearms, plasma and throwing. With him on the level you can grab three guns and two types of projectile weapons. The store is available a wide variety of pistols, machine guns and plasma guns that can be improved for the money. There is also sold hats that do not affect the characteristics of the hero and are solely aesthetic attribute. For more useful cowboy his four-legged companion. First you'll move on a donkey, and then you can buy faster and hardy animal.
Currency produced simply because the bill and then will crumble from defeated enemies. Each mission, of which there are nine, accompanied by a huge number of enemies attack. Depending on the level it could be aliens or ninjas. The player needs to completely clear the area, and still remain alive.

Features Western Mini Shooter for Android:

  • Funny graphics;
  • Easy operation;
  • 9 different missions;
  • An additional mode infinite passage;
  • The large arsenal of weapons.
The game is free, but here there is advertising and in-game purchases. Without the latter, however, it is possible to manage to pass all levels. However, to buy the coolest weapons need to invest in the game. By cons include two things. First, the schedule is very mediocre and all the details are kind of awkward. Secondly, the number of levels will be enough for a couple of days of play, and especially active gamers cope with the game for a few hours.


Total . Western Mini Shooter - is a fun shooter that has a fairly simple gameplay and hilarious storyline. The game is made ​​in a joking manner and not be able to compete with such ekshenom as Meltdown , however, give a few hours of fun gameplay. There are only 9 levels, which is hardly enough for a long time played. At the same time, this minus developers tried to compensate for an additional mode of the infinite passage.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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