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Review TimeLock

Kirill Muhin
TimeLock - is a unique application for Android, which is designed to store your important photos and videos. All your data will be stored in a virtual safe which is disguised as a normal watch. Once you run this program, you will see the usual dial and hands, but after a few Taps and password, you'll get a lockbox. This trick will not be afraid that someone even try to crack your safe. Despite the fact that the clock operate diversionary role, they made quite a stylish and high quality. In addition to displaying the time, they can make you wake up on time with the built-in alarm clock. Same repository interface is very simple and is a set of shelves displaying hidden data. Nothing superfluous or pretentious no, concise and extremely modest.

App Features

The main objective of this application is to safely store your data. For this encryption system developers use AES-256, which has a high reliability and resistance to cracking. Photos and videos are placed in the repository are automatically encrypted and become inaccessible without a password.
Unlike analogue, the emphasis is on invisibility. If the other person does not know about the application, he would never guess that the regular hours for dial hidden safe. This fact strengthens the protection, because even knowing the password, not everyone will think where it should enter. At the same clock, playing the role of the bezel, working as it should. They even have an alarm function that allows you to use them directly to the destination.
Unfortunately, you can only hide certain file formats, which limits the scope of use. It should also be borne in mind that after the placement of images in the repository, they can not be deleted automatically from the picture, such action is necessary to hold manually. If desired, you can take a picture and immediately put it in the safe, bypassing preservation in the clear.

TimeLock Features for Android:

  • The stylish look of the watch;
  • Safe represented as shelves;
  • encryption algorithm AES-256;
  • Enter the password by moving the arrows;
  • Setting the alarm.
Disadvantages are obvious. Application lacks functionality, in particular, support for more formats, ability to auto delete the encrypted data, as well as the ability to create backups. But even free software available functions are a great achievement, not to mention the originality of ideas.


Total . TimeLock useful to those who keep on your device personal and private photos and videos, and is in need of reliable protection. Masking virtual safe hours is an additional security step.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 8/10
Design 9/10
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