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Neon Beat
Neon Beat
Neon Beat
Neon Beat
Neon Beat

Review Neon Beat

Aleksei Chernikov
Neon Beat - this is an interesting and unusual arcade game for Android. The game can be attributed to the genre srkanoid. Here, the gameplay is also different shapes breaking the managed object. However, in the classical hidden geymleya original idea, rich graphics, fun in neon style, vibrant music and interesting levels. Game development studio took Gripati Digital Entertainment. All past creations of developers have not brought them fame, and it is this arcade can be called the best product.


The gameplay, as mentioned earlier, based on the principle of Arkanoid. If the classic arcade game we had to manage a small platform, controlling the movement of a small ball, everything is a little bit different. In the center of the screen is the figure of squares that must be broken, and the contour of the playing field moves the ball. Object management is carried out by simply clicking on the screen. Action causes the fly ball in the center and the trajectory of the object differs from the position at the moment. Determine the behavior of the ball to help the first levels that are learning. Here, in addition to all components of the game, will be present, the arrows showing the direction of the ball in a specific trigger point. After level 3 clue disappear, but the trajectory will remain the same. Each figure must be broken for some time. With each level the difficulty increases, and fit the time frame is becoming increasingly difficult. However, the player unlocks the various elements that will fall from the broken component shapes.
Picking element can be both beneficial and harmful effects. For example, collecting a green label with an hourglass, you get a bonus at the time. The same element in red on the contrary, reduces the time. After passing each level the user gets the coin. With this currency can change the appearance of the game - to change background or appearance of the ball.

Neon Beat Features for Android:

  • Excellent graphics in a minimalist style;
  • The atmospheric music;
  • Easy operation;
  • Unusual gameplay;
  • 60 different levels;
  • Ability to change the look of the game.
The game is distributed completely free and contains no in-game purchases. Advertise here present, but does not interfere with gameplay. Among the disadvantages worth noting a small number of levels. Despite the fact that the last mission because of their complexity, require more than one attempt, passing all available levels will not take more than one or two days.


Total . Neon Beat - is a simple and, at the same time, an interesting arcade game, which is made in the style of the famous game Arkanoid. Classic gameplay popular game got a completely new principle of management, minimalist style neon graphics and dynamic music. Arcade can be classified taymkiller, but a small number of levels does not allow to stretch the gameplay for a long time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 9/10
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