Sonic Racing Transformed
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Sonic Racing Transformed
Sonic Racing Transformed
Sonic Racing Transformed
Sonic Racing Transformed
Sonic Racing Transformed
Sonic Racing Transformed

Review Sonic Racing Transformed

Kirill Muhin
Sonic Racing Transformed - this arcade racing for Android, in which you will drive through the colorful trails along with the heroes of the game Sonic. Select one of the 10 characters and start winning cups. Each location will throw its surprises, and transforming the car will not get bored for a second. Compete with other drivers, and use all available means to arrive at the finish line first.
Three-dimensional graphics colorful enough, but still picked up her study. Model, like the world around several awkward, they do not have smooth lines and detail. Meanwhile, the image adorns many effects, through which developers can improve the dynamics of the race. Physics plays an important role, in schematic form, which facilitates the control of the machine, but spoils the overall impression unnatural twists and skids.


The whole gameplay, as befits the race will take place on a variety of tracks. And then the developers were able to please. First, each track has its own unique and fascinating design, where apart from the road, there are many animated elements. For example, the huge dragons, unknown sea monster, killer bees and more. Second, the change of location right on arrival. On the same lap road passes through mountain caves, and at the second, you can be in the water. All this perfectly complements the dynamic of the race.
But the main highlight was the capability to transform automobiles. Each machine has three modes: racing car, boat and plane. Conversion occurs automatically when you drive through the blue ring, and then continue to race in the new format. In addition to these metamorphoses, was added a lot of bonuses and weapons that you can pick up during the race. They are designed for a fierce battle between players. For example, if someone overtakes you, you can just knock it down or throw a missile on the road mine that delay pursuers.
Several surprised management implementation. For some reason, the creators decided not to use the classical system touch control, and instead of two buttons on the sides, as usual, gave a virtual joystick which still need to get used to. Also, there are additional buttons: brake and acceleration weapon slot. There is a second option, which uses the accelerometer, but in this case will have to put up with low sensitivity, which affects the maneuverability.

Features Sonic Racing Transformed for Android:

  • Excellent thoughtful and colorful locations;
  • Changing Course;
  • Auto transformers;
  • 10 characters to choose from;
  • Several cups and championships;
  • Two control options.
Distributed game on a fee basis, and the price is quite adequate. Overall, the race was very exciting, but the developers had a terrible optimization, resulting in many devices, they either do not start or strongly inhibit. Besides, it can be noted angular graphics background that the technical problems are not so significant. The last straw was the presence of tar hidden donation, which does not limit gameplay, but with it you get all the best for the races.


Total . Sonic Racing Transformed please all Sonic fans and fans of arcade racing. Exciting races on transforming machines on constantly changing routes anyone will not get bored. Of course, the disadvantages enough, but let's hope that the company SEGA fix them.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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