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Buddy & Me
Buddy & Me
Buddy & Me
Buddy & Me
Buddy & Me
Buddy & Me

Review Buddy & Me

Kirill Muhin
Buddy & Me - is a colorful arcade game for Android, where you have to make a trip to the colorful dreams of the protagonist. Every night, falling asleep, he meets his friend Buddy Fold unusual accompanying him throughout sleep. Run and enjoy fabulous localities that are so beautiful that dazzle at first sight.
Game got great hand-drawn graphics that causes delight thanks competently and in detail traced locations. The game world is shouting that beautiful places you will never see. Fabulous forests are replaced by unusual landscapes, not to mention the exciting flying in heaven with Buddy. Did not disappoint, and musical arrangement, consisting of a simple, but perfectly suitable melody, which also flavored by different sounds.


For a beautiful picture hides a fairly simple gameplay. Hero must run on a wooden platform suspended between trees, collecting stars along the way and amusing musical birds. The only danger that awaits him on the way - it dips, where he can please. But even that is nonsense, it is always a good time to catch the hare and return on a hard surface, and then you continue on. Journey ends only when the bell alarm clock, but this time you can pull, collecting bonuses. Separate the role of developers took another hero - Buddy. He will always fly around and in difficult situations substitute its tail or a strong back to the little boy was able to jump over a huge chasm. In some cases, you happen to be a breath-taking flight on shaggy creature, during which you collect a large supply of stars.
It should be noted that the location is randomly generated, and thus they are there a lot of different elements. For example, there is a swing of old tires in which the hero can swing and soar into the sky, or the huge mushrooms, acting as a trampoline. In fact, every object, helps during the race. Of course there are bonuses such as doubling the stars, the extra time and so on.
In the end, a few words should be said about management, which allows you to control the entire process with one finger. A single tap on the screen will cause the character to jump, double - make reinforced jump. And if you press and hold your finger on the screen, the guy stretch his jacket and starts to plan smoothly. As you can see, nothing complicated, and this control handle even a child.

Features Buddy & Me for Android:

  • Great hand-drawn;
  • The bright and interesting design;
  • Exciting gameplay;
  • Various bonuses;
  • Easy operation.
At first glance, the game has no flaws. But monotonous gameplay, despite colorful graphics, unlikely to inspire you more than a few tens of minutes. However, remove the game you do not want. First, it is worth $ 1, which is not much, but it is still money. And secondly, you are sure to come back often for it to pass the time.


Total . Buddy & Me - it is an attractive and very colorful arcade game, which belongs to the category taymkiller. Certainly, it is a major plus in the charming graphics and cute characters. The game may be advisable for both adults and children, the latter will be pleased her more.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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