100 Doors 2
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100 Doors 2
100 Doors 2
100 Doors 2
100 Doors 2
100 Doors 2
100 Doors 2
100 Doors 2
100 Doors 2
100 Doors 2
100 Doors 2

Review 100 Doors 2

Kirill Muhin
100 Doors 2 - this is a great puzzle game for Android, where you have to open the door and climb higher and higher. The second part of the continued development and a great idea with these new features will delight and unusual logic puzzles. LURES his wit and ingenuity to open every door locked tricky locks. Each level is unique and totally different from the previous one.
In contrast to the last part, the schedule has improved markedly, now can please a decent picture and drawing of a large variety of items. So there were the visual effects, which, although they look angular, their presence was a big step. Special attention deserves the imagination of designers who were able to work through hundreds of stories, making them original and diverse.


The general concept remains the same, which is not surprising, but it's worth noting that several developers have simplified levels, while making them more diverse. To solve the problems you have to use all the features of your device, in particular, it is necessary to tilt, shake and of course use the touch screen.
All the puzzles are quite logical solution uglyadet important clues and figure out what needs to be done. Particular attention is paid to the different inscriptions and drawings, which tend to carry a meaning and push to the right answer. Note that on many levels there are additional items that are required for passage.
Going through levels, you'll get open locks, accumulated that you can go to the next set of locations. By the way, challenging the floors at any time, you can skip, but it should be borne in mind that without the right amount of locks you can not go further, and, therefore, in any case you have to return to the previously missed the door.

Features 100 Doors 2 for Android:

  • Simple graphics with great design levels;
  • A large number of floors;
  • A wide variety of puzzles;
  • Additional objects;
  • In the control device are used all the sensors.
Although graphics and has been improved until it is average, too mediocre developers were to be painted models and animations. Other shortcomings, perhaps not, and this despite the fact that the game is distributed free of charge.


Total . 100 Doors 2 will please all lovers of quality puzzles and those who gladly passed the first part. Multiple levels and a lot of interesting brainteasers captivate you for days. The main thing is to persevere and not give up when it is impossible to pass the floor immediately.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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