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Review Сubedise

Kirill Muhin
Subedise - is an exciting puzzle game for Android, where you'll wander through the three-dimensional cubic globe in search of the exit. You expect unusual puzzle whose solution requires savvy. But in addition to mental activity you have to show more agility and jumping across the gap and quickly skipping dangerous places. Diligence and composure - that's the key to success in this game.
Run game in 3D-format using cubic elements. Making immediately impresses with its simplicity and unusual appearance. Each location is a few islands that are hanging in the void. No additional effects, but without them the picture remains intense and consistent. Special attention is given musical arrangement, consisting of light instrumental melodies that help to focus on the passage of the job.


From gameplay reminiscent of the classic maze, but the emphasis is still placed on the logic elements. Passing location you constantly have to look for multi-colored blocks, which can help to overcome obstacles such as abyss, lockable gates and much more. Typically, the solution is quite simple, but the farther you will go, the harder it will be puzzles.
Besides the fact that at the levels needed to smash his head, just have to show dexterity and precision in the movements. Many obstacles have enough obvious passing, and the complexity lies in the implementation of the plan. It is often necessary to make jumps on small islands, where only one awkward movement will lead to falling into the abyss. So you need to constantly be extremely careful and cautious, and before making any move ten times better examples and think about what to reauthenticate location first.
Since management will not be difficult to understand, because for the movement meets all the usual virtual joystick, and in addition to, there are three buttons: jump, "A" and «B». Additional keys to letters intended to carry out certain manipulations with whom you will meet during the passage of learning. And yet, despite the convenient location and a certain simplicity, there are problems with the sensitivity of the joystick, which is critical to overcome particularly difficult locations.

Subedise Features for Android:

  • Browse cubic clearance;
  • A thoughtful gameplay;
  • Many additional elements;
  • Various puzzles and dangers;
  • Standard control.
The cost of games on Google Play is only $ 1, and agree to a more modest sum for such an exciting puzzle. If you are not sure you will like it, it is best to try the free demo version, which shows the first levels. Of the shortcomings can be identified unless some uniformity in registration locations and shortcomings in management.


Total . Subedise deserves quite commendable that the game deserved due to interesting and nontrivial gameplay. If you like puzzles and intense gameplay with a lot of obstacles, then you should stay in delight.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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