Toy Defense 3: Fantasy
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Toy Defense 3: Fantasy
Toy Defense 3: Fantasy
Toy Defense 3: Fantasy
Toy Defense 3: Fantasy
Toy Defense 3: Fantasy
Toy Defense 3: Fantasy
Toy Defense 3: Fantasy

Review Toy Defense 3: Fantasy

Kirill Muhin
Toy Defense 3: Fantasy - it's a great game for Android, which is made ​​in the genre of Tower Defense. The first two parts of this franchise won the love of over 15 million people, and we see a continuation of the glorious tradition of the series. The plot unfolds in a fantasy world, where you have to lead the battle with an army of monsters and huge dragons. Line up the defense by special towers and try to reflect all enemy attacks.
Pleasantly pleased colorful hand-drawn graphics, which is characterized by high quality and detail of study. Each location has its own unique appearance, aged in general styles. Monsters and towers also have good drawing. Pictures complement large set of effects that enliven the gameplay and make the battle more exciting.


Basics gameplay standards for the genre. Your goal is to defend your castle, which would require to install battle towers, which will destroy the evil packs, prushchego you. All defenses have to be placed on special platforms that limits the final number of units on the map. In addition, such a restriction is forcing greater use of tactics, because you need to accurately assess the landscape and other features to pick the right war for each position.
In total, you will be available 4 kinds of defensive units, which is quite small, but this is compensated by a large "tree of development," which allows you to change not only the performance but also the appearance of the tower with every improvement. It is interesting that every upgrade you will buy at the stars, which are awarded for good passing levels. Incidentally, in particularly difficult situations help you, always be able to come magic, but it is so valuable that it is better to leave it on a completely hopeless situation.
Little worth telling about the features of the gameplay. Let's start with your castle, which enemies are trying to take in the siege, that is, they do not just come into it and take part of the "lives", and will stand by its walls and systematically destroy it. Unusual and was working with the unit towers. Their improvements are not when you have enough money, but when they accumulate experience. In addition, enemies can easily destroy your defense if you do not spend the time to repair, and it can greatly affect the overall situation, especially if the victim was a good unit "overclocked".

Features Toy Defense Fantasy 3 for Android:

  • Sophisticated hand-drawn;
  • Colorful locations;
  • 4 types of towers with many improvements;
  • Magical bonuses;
  • Long storyline.
In general, the game is done very well, but still have slight imperfections. So at maximum zoom, the picture is somewhat blurred particularly on large screens. Furthermore, despite the fact that the game is available for a fee and its price is $ 2, it has a Donath-currency which is required for the purchase of additional magic bonuses.


Toy Defense 3: Fantasy continues the glorious tradition of the series, which is sure to delight all fans and lovers of the genre TD. A large number of levels, intense battles, the system improvements for the towers and colorful pictures make the passing game exciting and memorable.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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