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Review Omicron

Dar'ya Suvorova
Omicron - beautiful puzzle of color Android with minimalist but colorful graphics and easy, but fun gameplay. The game is able to help in the development of care and the reaction rate, and due to the presence of three exciting modes you will not be bored.
In the game world filled with applications for every taste and color, especially appreciated by those that are able to help not only fun and interesting to pass the time, but also get additional skills and develop existing ones. It refers to such games Omicron, requiring the speed of thought, quick response and dexterity, as well as the utmost precision in determining the colors.


At the beginning of each level, you show what kind of numbers you need to look at the field. After this, the screen displays a cluster of colored cubes, which are constantly changing their color. From the training manual before starting the game, you learn that to earn points just click on the desired color cube. With each round click on the desired color will be more difficult - Cuba will change shade faster, and keep track of them will be more difficult. Play at the limit of your attention, because for every mistake of your already limited time subtracted precious seconds.
The department is no big deal, select the desired cube simple tap of the screen. The rest is also very simple. On the playing field at the top left, we see the counter points to the right - the amount of remaining time. The only thing that will need to be carefully studied and remember - the properties of various bonuses in the form of special cubes on the field. For example, a cube with a dial in the middle to add 10 seconds of game time, a cube within a deuce double the number received in the next five seconds, points, and a cube with a heart in the arcade mode will give one more try.
Very pleased that in this arcade can and should play together in the company of a friend. Not many games are simple enough to please and interesting gameplay for a fun day with a real contender. Therefore, if you are looking for light entertainment for two, then do not pass - here everything is done for the comfort and fun competitions. In doubles mode, the player wins first scoring 3 points. Same arcade mode is a single level with five lives.

Omicron Features for Android:

  • Stylish minimalist design;
  • 3 game modes to choose from: classic, arcade and doubles;
  • Limited time on each level and progress;
  • Various bonuses and achievements;
  • Deduction of points for errors;
  • Excellent sound design;
  • Increasing complexity.
Their task this puzzle copes hundred percent - while the game runs really fun, interesting and useful for the most active and enthusiastic. Cost about one dollar is justified, given the presence of multiplayer games on a single device. Of the drawbacks is the most obvious disadvantage doubles on smartphones due to the small screen size, so we recommend in this case to use the tablet.


Subtotal. Omicron - bright puzzle for Android, which will have fun and at the same time to train agility, focus and vision. Simplicity and plainness of gameplay more than covered by quality graphics and sound design, and the increasing complexity and pairing mode make the game more attractive than for users of all ages and a wide variety of preferences.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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