The Rivers of Alice
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The Rivers of Alice
The Rivers of Alice
The Rivers of Alice
The Rivers of Alice
The Rivers of Alice
The Rivers of Alice

Review The Rivers of Alice

Kirill Muhin
The Rivers of Alice - this quest for Android, featuring a mystical storyline and stunning atmosphere. Heroine named Alice every night goes into the mysterious world created by her subconscious. Every dream becomes a reflection of one of the vices or phobias that gnaw at Alice. Solve the puzzle and find the way out of the nightmare to wake up and return to reality.
The game world in the style of watercolor paintings, each location is endowed with its own atmosphere. Subtle touches and large brush strokes create an extraordinary experience and make a whole dive into the gameplay. The very same character art looks blank - colorless sketch with simple lines. The symbolism of this decision emphasizes that Alice in this world, only a guest. Finally enthralls musical component. Soundtracks written indie band Vetusta Morla, fascinate from the first minute and give a feeling of tension and mood of the heroine of some moments.


Traveling through dreams, you always have acquainted with strange characters, each of which hides its secrets. No less strange look and scenes, with each new strikingly different from the previous one. But, more importantly, offers an intriguing puzzle that will make you think for a long time. Study locations and looking for clues scattered in different places. By the way, all the dialogues are presented in graphical form, which causes include fantasy.
Logic has built quality and logical, therefore, for their passage require savvy and observant. Compare the available clues and items at your disposal. Each element found certainly play a role, the main thing - to find use for it. In addition to global mysteries, and a multitude of mini-games, but they are again tied to logic.
As with any quest, management consists of a set of commands: go, see, talk, take. To open the Action menu, press and hold your finger on the screen. Interaction with objects carried by the standard procedure: open the inventory clicking the appropriate icon and drag the item you want at the core.

Features The Rivers of Alice for Android:

  • Graphics in watercolor style,
  • extraordinary story;
  • Professional music clearance;
  • The colorful characters;
  • Worked puzzle;
  • Standard control.
The game was mixed. Players who appreciate original graphics with artistic approach will certainly be delighted with the new items. However, there is, and many of those who would vote negatively because appreciate a more realistic picture with the detailed design. But in any case, all come together to agree that the quest is a fascinating story and thoughtful gameplay, and it's more important for the genre. Meanwhile, the cost of $ 6 is excessive and unjustified, even with all the pluses.


Total . The Rivers of Alice will delight lovers of quests, which in the first place there is the story and gameplay. Of course, the graph also has its own charm, but, as mentioned above, made it more likely for an amateur. In any case, the passage of this game will bring a lot of impressions and long remembered by everyone.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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