Tank Riders 2
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Tank Riders 2
Tank Riders 2
Tank Riders 2
Tank Riders 2
Tank Riders 2
Tank Riders 2

Review Tank Riders 2

Kirill Muhin
Tank Riders 2 - the second part of this great arcade for Android theme for a tank company from Polarbit. The game was a worthy sequel, but would have liked to, major changes in it. You will also drive a tank and destroy the enemy troops with a powerful gun. Several dozen levels in different areas, new enemies and bonuses - that's what the developers have prepared for us.
Externally, the second part has not changed much. Three-dimensional hand-drawn picture with funny models of military equipment and colorful locations only leave a good impression. Animation and simplified physics made to match the picture, resulting in making the gameplay dynamic and intense. The musical accompaniment consists of provocative soundtracks and sound effects set, fits perfectly into the overall design.


Some meaningful story of the game there, so all the events tied to the constant battles with enemy tanks. You alone will kill all enemy units using different shells, bonuses and terrain. However, so you do not get bored, have been added to the simple mission: to collect tokens, cargo tracking and total destruction. But whatever the job, you will in any case have to take part in a fierce battle.
A total of 50 levels to go through, which will be located in forests, deserts and snow-covered fields. Each new mission will throw his troubles: there will be new kinds of enemies, traps, teleporters, gates and much more. By the way, every enemy unit has its own peculiarities, and thus have to choose certain tactics to destroy them. For example, anti-aircraft guns to destroy the best melee, then they will not have time to make an accurate shot.
For convenience, the developers have made two types of control. The first is a classical system with two virtual joysticks. The second kind of slightly modified, it has only one joystick that controls movement and the attack is carried out by means of tapas on a target. In general, management performed qualitatively, it has high accuracy and responsiveness, which is extremely important during the battle.

Features 2 Tank Riders for Android:

  • Cute hand-drawn;
  • 50 levels in different locations;
  • Several types of enemies;
  • Set of weapons and bonuses;
  • Two control systems;
  • Support for third-party gamepads.
Performed qualitatively new and exciting, but there are still some drawbacks. In particular, the optimization of the lame, and the bugs are found even on top models, some users schedule is adjusted to the minimum, and someone strongly sags fps. In addition, the game has Donat, which is not typical for this developer. In fairness it should be noted that large does not introduce restrictions Donat, which means you can pass all levels, not infusing real money. Compensates for in-game purchases that spreads arcade free of charge.


Tank Riders 2 continues the successful idea of ​​the tank battles that were done with fun hand-drawn graphics. Tense battle with various enemies and simple tasks probably will be enjoyed by many players.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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