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Demolition Duke
Demolition Duke
Demolition Duke
Demolition Duke
Demolition Duke
Demolition Duke

Review Demolition Duke

Kirill Muhin
Demolition Duke - is a logic arcade game for Android, which tells of the professional demolition. Walk a little training and start blasting, destroying the intricate structures and performing unusual mission. The idea of ​​this is not new arcade, but cartoon design and secondary objectives help the game stand out among their peers.
Design and the world realized in three-dimensional form, with graphics features funny cartoon design. Blowing up buildings you will be within areas that are different look and some features. Occupies a special place physics, which is not surprising, because it is the main component of the gameplay. Collapsing structures and explosions obey the laws of physics that gives the game a realistic tone. Musical same design was much more modest, and it consists of simple melodies, which is compensated by sound effects.


Idea and can hardly be called original gameplay, as was previously released the game Demolition Master 3D , which has become a pioneer in this direction. But despite the similarities, the novelty can please a large variety of explosives and the presence of side missions. Regarding disruptive means, the developers offer various bombs 17, which differ properties and capacity.
Main goal in each level is complete structural failure, which require different types and charges. With a stick of dynamite, you will see a small circle that defines the radius of destruction, focusing on it is possible to accurately estimate future destruction. Depending on the additional task and type of facilities you have to choose the right tool. But keep in mind that the charges quickly end, and a new set must be purchased separately for the coins that you get for completing the scene.
As expected, as you progress through the complexity will increase, and to move forward will not only buy more charges, but also to improve them, which again will require money. By the way, in addition to coins and there Donath-currency, which will be useful to accelerate the delivery of explosives and bonuses. Thus, in order not to spend real money you need to save and use charges wisely and thoughtfully.

Features Demolition Duke for Android:

  • Cute three-dimensional graphics;
  • Sophisticated physics;
  • 17 kinds of dynamite;
  • More than 150 levels;
  • Additional tasks.
In view of the fact that the game is distributed free of charge to earn her the developers decided through donation - which is the main drawback. You can pass the levels without infusing real money, but in any case there a time when required for special features that are only available for Donath-currency. Another unpleasant aspect is the pop-up ads, although the frequency of its occurrence is not so big. If you remove Donath and advertising, the cons will not remain in all other aspects of novelty deserves praise.


Demolition Duke - the game will be interesting for all fans of arcade puzzles, which need constantly to destroy something. Variety of levels and a large expanse of open explosives and makes gameplay very exciting.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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