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Scan the Box
Scan the Box
Scan the Box
Scan the Box

Review Scan the Box

Evgenii Kostrov
Scan the Box - it's pretty fun arcade game that will require you to not only logical thinking, how many different reactions. At first glance it may resemble a toy from the genre of "three in a row", and in part it is. You really have to add blocks of the same color so as to form a chain of at least three blocks of color.
Unlike the aforementioned toys is that you have to collect the chain is not arbitrary, and it is the color, how light is on in the top right corner. While it is burning, there is a very brief countdown timer, and end-game field passes through the scanning beam was designated color. How many blocks of the same color you will get to join in a chain of three or more, so much and will disappear after the passage of the beam.
Immediately after the start of motion of the beam will light in color, and you can already start to move blocks of a specific color for the collection of regular chains. Sometimes toy pleases players colored beam to form chains of blocks of all colors, but, first, it is extremely rare, and secondly, it does not facilitate the task. Moreover, when you notice the colorful twinkling lights, start throwing those on the playing field, you can not determine what cubes better to collect in the chain.


Quests in the game a lot, and they are constantly changing. In one case, you will need to get as many game points in the other - to collect a specified number of stars in the third you will be required the destruction of iron blocks with explosives and so on. The graphics in this game is excellent. The musical accompaniment is also wonderful and is consistent gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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