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Gemini Rue
Gemini Rue
Gemini Rue
Gemini Rue
Gemini Rue
Gemini Rue
Gemini Rue

Review Gemini Rue

Kirill Muhin
Gemini Rue - a stunning detective quest for Android, which is characterized by impeccable storyline in the style of "Blade Runner." The game will be developed in the distant future, which is not rosy as many would like. The protagonist Azrael worked all my life and an assassin, after spending a few years in peace, he will have to re-think their skills and criminal connections, to save his brother.
The main thrust of the developers made to the plot, and the schedule decided to implement in the retro style, did not lose. Pixel picture has surprisingly qualitative study. Huge game world with detailed locations has an incredible atmosphere that will make you completely immerse yourself in the gameplay. You will feel yourself at grave situation, which is achieved with the help of sound effects and graphics, with particular attention was paid to musical accompaniment, which sets the mood for every situation.


In addition to quality of the plot, the game impresses with its thoughtful gameplay. The game belongs to a small caste of "full-fledged quest", where every action has a meaning and logic. Suffice it to cite one example. You need to get into the room, closed digital lock, which would require to crack adjoining room door and sneak in through the balcony. Agree, all is logical and reasonable. It is also important that the gameplay has some dynamics. In particular, in some situations you have to act quickly to have time to solve the next puzzle until you are killed.
Traveling in an unknown world for you, you'll need to constantly communicate with other characters, each dialogue has a purpose, and sometimes the answers are very important. You'll have to fish out information bit by bit, and comparing different facts, draw the appropriate conclusions. And it is here that the detective component plays a huge role.
No claims and management. It holds in the standard form for the quest. Clicking on an object or interactive area, you will see a menu of action: to consider to take in hand, dialogue, action-footed. Also in this menu you will see the inventory available to you where you store items. And, as you know, every thing has its specific purpose. But besides the usual activities you expect and unusual: moving objects, shooting, mini-puzzles and more.
Another interesting and unusual aspect is that you will manage multiple characters, and the farther you will go, the closer will intertwine their destinies. As a result of the actions of one character will depend on the life of another. With these additions to the gameplay becomes more diverse and unusual.

Gemini Rue features for Android:

  • Awesome detective story;
  • Atmospheric and thoughtful world;
  • Variety of activities;
  • Many heroes and dialogues;
  • More Actions: shooting, mini puzzles.
If we talk about the cons, the attention can sharpen only on the chart. Not everyone likes the graphics in a retro style, but even this can not be considered a disadvantage because she worked at a very high level. Throughout the rest of this quest deserves the highest ratings. Naturally, this level of the game is not free of charge, but the price of 5 dollars seems even for such a small masterpiece.


Gemini Rue - a full-fledged detective quest for Android, which got a fascinating story and detail thoughtful gameplay. This game could be called a benchmark, which is worth to be leveled to other developers. If you are looking for a real adventure, ability to inspire and make empathize heroes, then your search should stop on this game.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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