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Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie
Akinator the Genie

Review Akinator the Genie

Jay Feldman
Good for kids, funny sounds, decent graphics, interesting plot, interesting game play
Gimmicky, needs to be elaborated, bores you really quickly
Akinator the Genie for Android is your basic carnival fortune teller machine, but tweaked for Android.
Akinator the Genie is actually kind of fun. It’s based on classic fortune teller trickery and is quite entertaining. There’s a genie and he’s going to read your mind. Think of a person, get it really clear in your mind and try to send those brainwaves to the genie so he can pick up on them. (Just play along, ok?) So once you have a person in mind, Mr. Genie starts asking either/or style questions; is it male or female; famous or not, etc. After a process of elimination, Mr. Genie will correctly tell you who you were thinking of; pretty cool.
The controls are very basic; just touch the screen to select your appropriate response. The graphics are entertaining and have some polish to them; I like how the genie changes levels and the imagery behind him shifts as he summons his powers of telepathy and thinks of the correct answer.
Yup, Mr. Genie correctly identified the people I was thinking of each and every time. Though I have to say, when I was thinking go of my husband, I almost short circuited the app because Mr. Genie was thinking and thinking and thinking for a reeeeeeeeeal looooong time before he decided I was indeed thinking of my husband. Not to worry, Mr. Genie, that one stumps almost everyone. Too funny.
Akinator the Genie is fun. Kids will especially love it, though I don’t see anyone playing this for hours on end. However, as a party trick or the occasional chuckle, this app is a great one to keep handy on your device.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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