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Review TowerMadness

Kirill Muhin
TowerMadness - a three-dimensional Tower Defense for Android, which is made ​​subject to all the laws of the genre. Before you put an unusual task - to protect the sheep from being abducted by aliens. Perform its task you should use military towers. Assess the situation and arrange tower to organize a reliable line of defense.
Graphics done in three dimensions, but its quality leaves much to be desired. Textures and models are made without any smoothing and the resulting look is angular and very primitive. Just directly executed and graphic effects that did not decorate gameplay. But all the shortcomings of graphics the game beats its gameplay.


Gameplay is made in the traditional way. There is a point of landing of aliens, and the field where the sheep graze. Between these points, you can set your defensive towers. It is noteworthy that the tower can be set quite arbitrarily, with the path that will move the enemies will change dynamically. Place the tower so that the route passes through all enemies towers, which will lead them crossfire.
Each tower has its own characteristics and strengths correctly using which you can create a powerful defense. But just enough to place towers, they need to continuously improve to increase combat power. And that pleases improvements for each tower a lot, with each new level makes the tower is not only stronger, but also increases its firing zone. Additional towers and upgrades for them to be opened as the game progresses.
As for the enemies, then the developers have tried from the soul, creating a large number of different types of aliens. Enemies will vary in size, appearance and characteristics. Some aliens can fly, others run very fast. And for that you will not get bored from time to time you will attack the huge bosses to kill which would be extremely difficult, especially when they begin to attack in pairs.

Features TowerMadness for Android:

  • Classic gameplay with the best ingredients of the genre;
  • Over 100 levels with different design;
  • More than 60 towers and improvements;
  • Zoom the map;
  • Large variety of enemies;
  • Endless mode "Survival".
The main drawback of the game - the graphics. If the developers performed in 2D graphics would be much better, because they could iron out all the flaws that have surfaced in 3D. But if you ignore the pictures, the game is very exciting and eventful, which is achieved through thoughtful gameplay, which collected all the best the genre TD. Since the simplified graphics price is only $ 1, which is justified for this game.


TowerMadness - it's an interesting Tower Defense for Android, which has received a modest three-dimensional graphics and well thought-out gameplay. You will find a lot of levels, fierce battles with aliens and a huge arsenal of combat towers. Check whether you have enough forces to protect the sheep from the attacks of enemies.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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