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Hero Siege

Hero SiegeHero SiegeHero SiegeHero SiegeHero SiegeHero Siege


Aleksei Chernikov
Posted: Aleksei ChernikovTested 05 Jun 2017 on HTC One

Dynamic action game about aliens from hell

Hero Siege - is an exciting game for Android, which is made ​​in the genre Hack and Slash. Such games are in common called "mesilova" which really means a minimum of actions and ways to kill, and a lot of enemies that can emerge from the most unexpected places. The player has a choice of three characters, a simple pumping system and a huge number of levels, dungeons and various improvements.
Finnish game development studio took Panic Art Studios. On account of the developers have a few games, and they are all made in a similar style. The developers were inspired by the classics of the genre and made Diablo game with pixel graphics, and lots of interesting details.


The game begins with the character selection. Are three of them: mage, archer and warrior. Each hero has five talents that improve when bleeding fighting qualities. Points can also be recharge four attributes: attack power, attack speed, defense and reserve lives. When a new level, the player is given 1 point for distribution to the talents and 2 points for attributes. In addition, the attributes can be purchased - one point is worth 500 gold coins.
Questions about the sources of gold does not arise, as it will be here to pour in from all places. For example, levels scattered chests elixirs and gold, and by killing every enemy of his fly coins. Also large stores of gold can be found in the dungeons. They are, incidentally, each time re-generated unique way.
Control is very simple - left joystick is responsible for movement and the right controller for the same attack. Enemies come in waves several dozen creatures, and each 6 wave contains a single large boss, for the victory over which the player is given a special weapon.

Features Hero Siege for Android:

  • Simple operation;
  • More than 40 kinds of enemy creatures;
  • Several difficult bosses;
  • Many improvements and bonuses;
  • Secret dungeons with puzzles;
  • The possibility of leveling hero.
The game is free, but in this case, contains advertising. She did not navaschivaya and only appears during the transition between the levels. Among the minuses can be noted that progress in the murder of the hero is reset and has to pass the mission first. In the rest of the game designed and made very qualitatively.


Hero Siege - is a fascinating shooter for Android with dynamic gameplay. Simple operation, concise graphics, a huge number of levels, and much more, making the game a great time-killer. Besides continuous killing enemies, the player is invited to solve logic puzzles in the dungeons that dilutes the monotonous gameplay.
Final ratings
Gameplay 8/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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