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Transport Tycoon
Transport Tycoon
Transport Tycoon
Transport Tycoon

Review Transport Tycoon

Sergei Furman
Transport Tycoon - in this exciting simulator for Android you have to take the director's chair of the transport company to a virtual town. How to organize a bus route for employees? How profitable to deliver coal from the mine? Whether to let the railway track to bypass? All of these (and other) questions should answer is you!
Before us is a classic port PC-games having popularity in the mid 90s. However, the developers studio 31X Ltd not just moved on all touch devices, but also improve some details. First, players will have more diverse options, vehicles and "economic moves." Secondly, the graphics have become more beautiful, though not gone from retro-style. Soundtrack perfectly fits into the atmosphere of what is happening.


In a nutshell, your task - to deliver passengers from point "1" to the point "2." But all is not as easy as it may seem at once. Effective within the city buses. Desirable place to stop Metakhim covering maximum area of ​​human habitation. Bus route that you set should provide timely and effective hydrating residents.
Railway - is another headache in the game. Major traffic will go through it just because carriages allow to transport a lot of cargo reasonably priced. Path itself also need to be built correctly. It is important to "capture" all facilities. Furthermore, the connection between the cities is also better to do with trains. Locomotives are different, because you always have to pay attention to their characteristics.
Once you get the basics and start getting more or less stable income, the game will announce that there are trams, planes, ships ... And then "out of the shadows" will be released competing firms ready to offer the best conditions for clients. Tasks will be complicated to an incredible level. Be the transport magnate is not so easy! To go all the plot you need more than one hour of effort.

Features Transport Tycoon for Android:

  • More than 150 kinds of transport;
  • Virtual City live their lives;
  • Improved technologies (from "maize" to supersonic aircraft);
  • Competition with the computer;
  • Economic feasibility;
  • Almost 50 story scenarios.
Upset the lack of "free" mode. All the mechanics built on the implementation of the script script, but just do not be beautification of the city transport. The game is worth just over $ 6.5, which can be called justifiable price tag.


Transport Tycoon - a quality transport simulator for Android, where the main emphasis placed on management capabilities. Project is like not all - there must exist an interest in the development of urban logistics. Challenging gameplay compensated sincere joy after the victory!

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 8/10
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