Luxuria Superbia
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Luxuria Superbia
Luxuria Superbia
Luxuria Superbia
Luxuria Superbia
Luxuria Superbia
Luxuria Superbia
Luxuria Superbia
Luxuria Superbia

Review Luxuria Superbia

Sergei Petrov
Luxuria Superbia - the original game for Android in which you get a completely unexpected and amazing experience, causing flowers to bloom, dial colors and tremble under your gentle touches. Discover a new world of fun floral.
All of the studios have unusual gameplay and original artwork. Difficult to say exactly what feelings remain different people after the games from the developer, but is clearly not indifferent, because it's really new, incomparable experience. In this case - with the obvious sexual orientation.


So, you get access to the first flower. Initially, each plant perfectly white, colorless. Therefore it craves your touch and paints. Every touch of pleasure and a flower garden as a whole. In the course of your color touch begins to fill the petal by petal and then gain saturation. But within the gameplay should be able to not overdo it with color, since excessive saturation ahead of time will lead to the loss - a flower just closes on you. On the petals can not only press but slidable thereon using multiple fingers. At the end of each flower is most vivid and rich special effects for action, accompanied by bright splashes of light and color, as well as comments.
The screen initially we do not see anything other than the three icons - pause, number of points in the upper left corner, and icons to photograph in the lower right corner. The whole process is accompanied by commentary, swim in the middle of the screen - they suggest. That you are moving in the right direction. To be fast and dynamic, often flower ask more tenderness and slowing down the process. Matter how careful and you'll be feeling the interaction depends on how long you spend in a flower, and how many points while earn. Once one of the flowers painted and finished, you will discover the following in a row, and so with all the flowers in the garden at a time.

Features Luxuria Superbia for Android:

  • Excellent graphics and stylish, fresh decor;
  • Unbeatable music from Walter Hus;
  • Unusual feed into a garden with columns, where each flower has its own role;
  • Colorful levels, divided into specific types of flowers;
  • Vivid game interaction, built on music and color;
  • Number of points, depending on the amount of time spent in the game.
Summary. Luxuria Superbia - colorful game for Android, which is difficult to attribute to any particular genre. The study of the game and get an unforgettable gaming experience, many will be satisfied with everything that happened since the game clearly has erotic overtones. We suggest you try the game all the sensitive and impressionable nature, eager new and fresh gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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