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Munch Time
Munch Time
Munch Time
Munch Time
Munch Time
Munch Time

Review Munch Time

Sergei Petrov
Munch Time - cute puzzle game for Android in which we see all the charm of an advanced physics, enough feeding the main character in the form of lizards worms, as well as having done a lot of tricks and overcome many dangers.
If you are to this day quite liked the chameleon, but now it's time to become their ardent fans. In the main character of this game is simply impossible not to fall in love - full of dignity and dexterity, always different and always hungry, it is a pretty impossible thing.


So, we need at all costs to feed our charming hero. To move almost at every stage will have to use flowers. And in order to get them to swing, you first need for them to cling to the language. After hanging lizard, you need time to let go flower pressing at any place, or already hooked for the next, at a time when it will be seen to meet. You'd be surprised what incredible acrobatics can make our lizard, and she's ready to get his lunch. In the process of moving must collect stars scattered in a chaotic manner between colors, obstacles and worms.
Please note that only appropriate color flowers can be used for moving. Therefore, if you want to use non-identical with the flower colors you, then you must first change the color by choosing the corresponding bonus - colored flies - they are always located near your route to the worms. Flowers of different colors have different properties. For example, pink flowers you are able to turn around its axis, thereby giving more options to move. Take care not to fall or stumble cusps barriers and pillars that will be placed on the way in order that it may be even harder to get to the worm on the road and collect all stars. Items as hanging vases can also move the lizard, using it as a core. From it, like a cannon, we can go in the direction you want.

Munch Time Features for Android:

  • Simple operation based on a single touch;
  • Cute characters, waiting until their fate worms;
  • Intuitive, based on the physics of the gameplay;
  • Beautiful graphics and great physics;
  • More than 80 levels in 4 different locations.
First level has been free, but still continued to pay. Full version costs a little more than one dollar, but we can confidently say that the game is worth the money. It would seem, nothing special about it - neither stunning graphics or super fresh gameplay or popular characters. But it looks cute and nice to play - a real pleasure.


Munch Time - arcade puzzle game for Android, where we help small chameleon not stay hungry, making interesting tricks and avoiding deadly obstacles. The game is all made fun, bright and interesting, so there is a desire to pass level after level farther and farther. And on account of the price of pleasure is up to you, to us it seems quite adequate.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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