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Review DynamicNotifications

Sergei Petrov
DynamicNotifications - it's an interesting program for Android, which is able to display a notice on the screen is locked (in the style of Motorola Moto X) at the moment when you look at it. Program works in their complex algorithms and is an interesting addition to your smartphone or tablet.
The first such feature was presented along with the smartphone Motorola Moto X. This function there is a unique feature of the processor and system. Developers from the studio Great Bytes Software, this situation was not satisfied, so they fully realize these capabilities to any device over Android 4.0 and simultaneously added many detailed settings.

Interface and capabilities

Program works in several modes. She knows how to read the accelerometer and proximity sensor. If you pull out a smartphone from his pocket, the screen automatically displays the notification clock and the ability to quickly navigate to the various functions.
Also, the program can display a notification at the time of joining, flashing display for a short time. Illumination time is adjusted and displayed in the notification preferences, and may be as milliseconds, and minutes.
Even in settings, you can specify the color of the notification, change the background (default is black), put a custom drawing, customize all kinds of sliders, and assign shortcuts or function for the switch block that appears when activating the program.
Before its inclusion program requests an administrator with full access devices. Do not be afraid, allow her all that is required, but just remember that you must turn off before removing the dynamic notification settings, otherwise not be able to uninstall the program.

Features DynamicNotifications for Android:

  • Interesting and informative notice;
  • Display notifications when you got a smartphone from his pocket;
  • Fine-tuning the time of notification;
  • Full customization of the registration notification;
  • Block unwanted change notifications.
The disadvantages include the application errors on any device. Make it so that the program works perfectly with all devices - is very problematic, so often there are many hang, braking, no download notifications and so on. Be prepared for this, although we hope that you all will be well.
Summary. Dynamic Notifications - this is an interesting program that adds functionality of the Motorola Moto X in any smartphone or tablet on Android 4.0 and above. The program is free, but some of the functions and settings are available only when you activate Pro-version for $ 2.

Final ratings

Usefulness 6/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 10/10
Design 8/10
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