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Thor: TDW
Thor: TDW
Thor: TDW
Thor: TDW
Thor: TDW
Thor: TDW
Thor: TDW
Thor: TDW
Thor: TDW
Thor: TDW

Review Thor: TDW

Jay Feldman
Quality 3D graphics, exciting plot
Kills your battery, animation is a bit laggy
Thor: TDW for Android is a gamer's game; action packed with striking visuals and loads of fun.
Thor: TDW puts the hammer down on bad guys. The game takes place in what looks like a mythic castle. You play as Thor, complete with trusty hammer and bulging muscles. Warriors join you on your quest and fight alongside you automatically. Just advance through this expansive locale, searching for bad guys to beat the crap out of. There's strange spirits, deranged goblins and humungous evil bosses to fight. The play is fast and action packed.
To move, just use the virtual joystick on the left. To swing your hammer and fight, hit the attack buttons on the right. Movement is quite smooth and the controls work really well, which only amps up the action and intensity. You can play fast and frenzied or be more subdued and strategic; either way, there's a lot of head-bashing going on. It's particularly cool when Thor smashes his hammer into the ground and everything onscreen ripples and shakes from the enormous impact. Very cool.
The graphics are highly detailed and do a great job of depicting this fantasy realm. Animation is solid, but did stutter when the screen became overloaded with imagery, but it didn't impact the play or enjoyment. The sounds are appropriately immersive and intense. And the best part, is there was no needless and gratuitous blood. Yup, you're smashing heads left and right, but the game makes the wise choice to just have enemies disappear in an ethereal poof, rather than bleed out in gratuitously gory mess. This helps maintain the fantasy comic book charm of the game, which helps keep it appropriate for kids.
Of course, there are tons of upgrades that will cost you, but you can also play and just have fun for free too.
Thor: TDW effectively brings this classic comic book hero to life in this highly developed and well thought out game. I had fun with it and it made me feel like a bad ass; sort of.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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I loove this Game..........
Ritick Ranjan
Ritick Ranjan22 Mar 2014, at 17:40Sony Xperia C
I loove this Game..........
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