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har mo ny
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har mo ny
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har mo ny
har mo ny
har mo ny
har mo ny

Review har mo ny

Sergei Petrov
har mo ny - is a simple and addictive musical puzzle for Android, made ​​in a minimalist style. The essence of the game is to drag the blocks to each other, while each of the blocks do not fall into place, making a single band of the same color.
Development of the game deals with a young studio BorderLeap, and this is their first experience of the game's release on our own mobile operating system. Despite the musical direction of the game, the gameplay has nothing to do with music, you can play without it, but it will not be so interesting and exciting.


The goal - to place colored blocks in rows to get a few single-color stripes. The main difficulty lies in the fact that each block can be moved a number of times, and blocks can be moved only horizontally or vertically.
In the center of each block is one or more points. How many points shown, many moves can make this unit. At the time of the change of two blocks, each of which is spent at one such point.
As soon as the colored block gets to his place, and he ends the moves on him a check mark appears on the implementation of the cross, or if you have done something wrong. To see the required location of the lines, you need to click on the eye icon at the bottom of the screen. There is also a button to cancel the course and a full replay.
Every action in har mo ny is complemented with beautiful sound effects that are best felt in good headphones.
The complexity of the game is growing very quickly, after mastering the basics of the game, the first level pass for a second, but then, when the number of lines starts to increase, then the approach to the game changes dramatically.

Features har mo ny for Android:

  • Nice minimalistic design;
  • High-quality sound;
  • Interesting gameplay;
  • More than 1000 levels;
  • Smooth increase of complexity.
The disadvantages of the game include the small number of available options to cancel the course and built a shop where you can buy the abolition of moves for real money, with that in the game itself must also pay a $ 1. It's a bit frustrating, as a paid game would see a complete lack of in-game payments.
Summary. harmony - this is an interesting puzzle game for Android minimalist with simple rules and relaxing gameplay. This type of game is perfect for short gaming sessions, especially if you do not like to kill time stupid arcades.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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