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Review Orborun

Sergei Petrov
Orborun - 3D arcade runner for Android, where you have to play as a robot that runs through the long and izvorotistym platforms norovyaschy constantly throw it over the track, after which he effectively broken into pieces.
We have surveyed so bright and atmospheric arcade from this studio as


Before the game can and should take an interactive tutorial, choosing to start a more convenient form of control between you pressing the screen and the accelerometer. To earn a lot of points, be sure to collect bonuses and coins, as well as breaking glass, located on each level. But be sure to avoid red glasses which will take away the collision of all of your earned points. To roll faster, you need to collect bonus along the way, giving the acceleration. At the same time, when you need to be particularly accurate in action (especially the complicated twists and turns and transitions between platforms), you can press the slowdown. The large button to slow down is at the bottom of the screen, it is impossible not to notice.
To unlock new characters will be like to try and gather up a certain number of crystals. Button to turn off the soundtrack, sound effects, and a pause is in the upper left corner of the screen. And yet, if you see that soon will fall or have already started falling, not necessary to wait around a sad and unpleasant animation of how your robot will disintegrate into pieces, simply click on the button to reset the level to the upper left corner of the screen and do not worry needlessly, Save your nerves!

Features Orborun for Android:

  • A dynamic and fun race with transitions from running in the riding;
  • Two types of control to choose from: the accelerometer and touch screen;
  • Riding is in the form of a rolling sphere in which the robot is transformed;
  • High-quality graphics and realistic physics;
  • 3 different environment for running;
  • 9 heroic robots to choose from;
  • More than 90 different levels.
We have noticed some lag in the game, which, however, is not much interfere with the process, but can be a little distracting: graphics tracks ever platforms sometimes progruzhat. Also, you can make a small point about the complexity of some transitions, turns, and in general the game. But that is if you really find fault with those who will play at levels above the 20th certainly seem that the complexity is quite adequate, you just have to adjust to the controls.
Summary. Orborun - a fun arcade-runner for Android, in which you will feel nimble and purposeful robot that can rapidly overcome space. 90-degree turns are very effective, and the game was quieter and addictive. If the developers fix may arise from time lags in graphics and image, the game will fully justify its price at $ 1.5, as a fine representative of the genre.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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