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Review Switchr

Sergei Petrov
Switchr - it is very beautiful and convenient program for Android, allows you to quickly switch between running and the latest applications using simple gestures. The program is made of such high quality that you get used to it almost immediately, and within 30 minutes it is perceived as part of the operating system.
Development of the program deals with the developer Mohammad Adib, we know from the application "Sidebar" (sidebar with icons and functions), it is an overview of our website.

The interface and the possibility of

The program can work in two different styles. The first style - elegant strip with application icons can be switched on and scrolls of a finger. The second style - is to switch between applications in the style of Windows 8 when to switch to quickly move your finger until the desired program is activated. Nowhere is how the program works, you can see in the video.
You can manually set aside and area in which the fire and make a gesture, as you prefer. In the settings you can specify the sensitivity of the gesture. The most interesting is that the gesture switch runs on top of any other programs (not games). Another great feature - Preview windows applications while paging the list, this function may consume more energy.
In the settings you can specify which programs you want to display in Switchr - running or last. In normal use between these modes there is no significant difference. We also recommend you turn on the main screen in the list to when the desired program is not running, you can quickly go to the desktop and run it.

Features Switchr for Android:

  • Fast and smooth operation;
  • Two styles of switching between applications;
  • Fine-tuning;
  • Selecting the menu switching places;
  • Preview window when you switch programs;
  • Additional functions using gestures;
  • Runs on top of almost any application (except for games).
There are no obvious deficiencies in the program but would like to see a simple and convenient closing programs, as implemented in the standard way to switch.
Summary. Switchr - is a simple and useful application for Android, which allows you to take a fresh look at switching between tasks. It's much easier than doubled to press the Home button or pinching (on each device in different ways). Extend the program in two versions - free from the restrictions and the full paid version with no restrictions.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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