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Sticky Linky
Sticky Linky
Sticky Linky
Sticky Linky
Sticky Linky

Review Sticky Linky

Sergei Petrov
Sticky Linky - a fun puzzle game for Android with a rather simple and intuitive gameplay, brightly colored characters, a dynamic soundtrack and school design. If you are ready to proceed to the analysis of Sliznevo tower of multicolored balls on, then go ahead!
In our opinion, this game - one of the best creations of the studio, and, oddly enough, is not no puzzle quest and search for objects, and cheerful, bright and juicy game on the reaction rate, wit, and even to some degree, the tactics and strategy.


So, in this new and exciting game you will need to manage the huge, ever-increasing tower of slugs of different colors. And your task at the time of the uncontrolled growth of the statue - combine elements of the same color, making them the main characters, and then connect these heroes with the other elements of the same color to pick them up yourself to the collection. Once the elements of the same color turn into funny face, then you're already halfway to success. So do not forget the time necessary to remove balls and keep track of all form a chain, creating new ones. At the end of the game takes into account not only earned a coin, but the number of combos, and the number of turns spent on the level.
What is the procedure you will collect your collection - it does not matter. Your collection of characters will be displayed on the top of the screen in the form of branches and attached thereto different elements. In addition, the above shows the number of manna and the number of coins you have earned. Game replete equally interesting developments, for example, one must make a 5 combos in the game, and the other - to complete the round in one minute of time. There are additional obstacles in collecting characters. For example, periodically surfacing in the water world fish that can eat all your created along the chain, unless you get rid of it by clicking on it with your finger. When the stroke is longer, it is necessary to use the manna, it will make more moves.

Features Sticky Linky for Android:

  • Simple and fun gameplay, exciting pitch;
  • Funny characters and very funny animation;
  • Striking design and bright colors;
  • Addictive, very suitable soundtrack;
  • Two modes to choose from: classic and relaxation;
  • 48 various levels with the change of subject and background;
  • Mann to exit the complex game situations.
Free levels are not many, although the cost did not seem great - just one dollar for all other levels. Also, you can unlock levels for 500,000 coins collected. But it must be said that after the passage of buying the full version becomes very difficult, as the developer is always forced to make in-game purchases, buying manna for the smooth passage of the following levels.
Summary. Sticky Linky - colorful puzzle game for Android, in which cunning plexus, funny characters, deft moves and juicy design just lift your mood for many hours of gameplay. Beautiful animation, cheerful and bright, especially enjoy the children and adolescents. The cost of the game is justified, but the rapid growth of the game and a little bit of money outright Unloading spoil the impression of the gameplay.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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