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Review Battlepillars

Sergei Petrov
Battlepillars - fierce arcade game for Android in which you have to control an army of killers in the form of tracks, building a strategy and tactics to win the enemy camp. In the game you will find a set of modes, a large number of upgrades for your soldiers, as well as powerful allies in the forest dwellers.
When choosing an upgrade, you can change your grub fighter, and here it is worth paying attention to the fact that different types of caterpillars can have different bonuses in combat. It should also be borne in mind that the strategy also builds on the number of soldiers, the diversity of their segments, as well as their installation. In order to understand what will bring success, you can first make a test of his ideas to the test area.


Each fearless caterpillar can attach guns, flamethrowers, rockets, various kinds of armor, bugs with grenades and other links to enhance your combat units. At the start of each round, at the bottom there is a window with each segment available for attachment. Here, just click on the relevant buttons in the order in which we want to attach them to our caterpillar. Once completed the creation of tracks, do not forget to click on the button «Go» to our soldier marched to the attack on the headquarters of the enemy, that is the next tree. Always displayed at the top left of the lives of our staff. We can not allow the enemy to fall precisely in our wood, creating a more powerful warriors.
For each track you'll pay leaves that will collect your soldiers automatically, you can also press to speed on flying leaves. The more segments you add to your caterpillar, the more expensive it will cost you. So do not forget to press the button in the lower left corner - it increases the production of leaves. For the most comfort in mind games you can zoom the picture and move along it from left to right at the top is simple svaypami.Sprava pause button. For the successful execution of the mission you get the apples, which you can buy new cell to upgrade your troops. In the infinite hardcore mode, you can compete and even win real money.

Features Battlepillars for Android:

  • 50 fun and different levels;
  • Creating unique combat units from different parts to choose from;
  • A variety of allies in the form of woodland creatures;
  • Mode for multiplayer battles with your friends;
  • The test area for samples of their new strategies;
  • A lot of upgrades for the soldiers and their segments;
  • Endless mode of survival to expose the leader board.
Among the shortcomings can be identified greed Donata (all upgrades accrue with great difficulty, and the purchase of real money and leads an ordinary user), and a rather modest graphics and music. With proper design of the game could be a real hit.


Battlepillars - cheerful and dynamic arcade game for Android about the war between the two clans caterpillars, which will solve all the agility, reaction speed, as well as well-crafted tactics and strategy. It's like worms, but caterpillars and all their inherent specificity - apples, leaves, many segments of the bodies of brave fighters. The most interesting thing will be to play in the battle tracked children and adolescents.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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