Ninja Chicken Adventure Island
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Ninja Chicken Adventure Island
Ninja Chicken Adventure Island
Ninja Chicken Adventure Island
Ninja Chicken Adventure Island
Ninja Chicken Adventure Island
Ninja Chicken Adventure Island

Review Ninja Chicken Adventure Island

Sergei Petrov
Ninja Chicken Adventure Island - a continuation of the popular game for Android a chicken, which is able to jump high and wade through a variety of obstacles. The game combines platforming genre and runner.
Development of the game has been well-known to us studio PlayScape, author of dozens of different games, among which are the Bouncy Bill and Unicorn Sugar Rush. At the very beginning of the game we will show a small plot with background play, as well as the story of how our main character was on a dangerous island.


Control of the game by using the buttons: on the right side there is a button to jump and the left side - the button to slide. Chicken can jump very high, it all depends on how long you hold down the jump button. The button is also used to slip in order to quickly fall to the ground during a jump.
All in the game 50 levels, each of which we will have to do the job to get it. For example, in one race we will need to collect 12 coins, 50 acorns and lay a few eggs in a basket. The level is randomly generated until such time as we do not fulfill all the conditions.
On the way we will encounter various obstacles such as walls, copies and enemy dogs. One facing the enemy or obstacle, and our chicken will have to start all over again, and you can continue the game after the death of special glasses or buy extra armor before the race.
Separately want to mention the music component, the sound of a running chicken picked up just perfect after a game branded clucks do not go out of my mind for a long time.

Features Ninja Chicken Adventure Island for Android:

  • Colorful 2D-graphics;
  • Komiksnaya storytelling;
  • 50 levels in several locations;
  • Simple operation of the two buttons;
  • Funny sound;
  • A variety of improvements and one-time bonuses.
The disadvantages include the game too straightforward and simple gameplay, and outdated graphics. It was possible to draw all the more beautiful, and the gameplay is varied to make all the levels are too similar to each other.
Summary. Ninja Chicken Adventure Island - is a fun arcade game for Android, which will appeal to fans of the genre "Runner". As usual, the game is absolutely free, but ad-and the opportunity to buy additional bonuses for real money.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 10/10
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este juego es muy lindo y es el que mas juego
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