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Cruel Games
Cruel Games
Cruel Games
Cruel Games
Cruel Games
Cruel Games
Cruel Games

Review Cruel Games

Sergei Petrov
Cruel Games - a mysterious quest for Android, which we will see a new look at an old story about Little Red Riding Hood. As part of this quest, solve puzzles, win a mini game, looking for clues, as well as the groom are saving the heroine from a treacherous maniac.
It is impossible not to recognize that it is this kind of quest games in the genre turns Alawar best. It is through this kind of puzzles and many have learned of the existence of the studio, and we come to the development of Alawar whenever trying to find an exciting new quest.


So, this time in danger of not only ourselves, but also the lives of our loved one. And only revealing all the secrets of passing dangerous path full of pitfalls and false trails, we can figure out who is hiding behind a spectacular way the Wolf. This insidious maniac has prepared us for their most sophisticated and tricky test, since we do not have to be bored. In terms of image and control everything here, as usual, pretty good. In the beginning you can choose between two modes of difficulty - simple and sophisticated. If desired, you can get training, which, however, does not contain anything new for the games of this genre. We have a magazine with clicks and notes, which will be filled as far as finding new leads. Also in this same tab when you click on the button in the lower left corner and you will find a map, which can be used at any convenient time.
In all other respects, too, as usual, we select all active objects by clicking on everything that comes their way. In numerous locations to search, highlighted the special sparks in every scene, everything is also looking for all without exception items from the list. If necessary, use a prompt in the lower right-hand corner. She can also take advantage of and not in the search locations, but simply in the course of the story, stuck at some point. It not only tells you where to go, but also point to the next object with which you can interact. Be sure to pay attention to the hints that are displayed in the form of a dialogue with the heroine herself, in the upper right corner of the screen. At the bottom of the screen periodically check your inventory, it is thanks to him that will open many doors, gates and so on.

Features Cruel Games for Android:

  • The original story, based on the children's tale;
  • Two difficulty levels to choose from;
  • Lots of interesting mini games;
  • A large number of locations to search for items;
  • Inexhaustible hint that requires activation time;
  • 38 mysterious scenes in the story;
  • An interactive tutorial and tips in case of difficulties.
In the process of purchasing the full version, as well as the passage of the scenario seen some annoying bugs, but according to the developers, they are already in full working on them. In addition, there can not upset by the fact that even after purchasing the game, intrusive ads still keeps popping up after each stage and after each finding. Agree, when paying the entire product, I do not regret the money, you expect a different approach in relation to themselves.
Summary. Cruel Games - not bad for a hidden object game for Android, vaguely describing the story of Red Riding Hood. Full unlock will cost you $ 3. And to all the games on the list of items from a given developer can produce a virtually identical claim - initially hidden payment, referred to as "shareware" and stinginess on the events and story to the player. Most games are traversed in a few days, and then one (the case with fans of the genre), and can not justify the cost.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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