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Star Chef
Star Chef
Star Chef
Star Chef
Star Chef
Star Chef
Star Chef
Star Chef
Star Chef
Star Chef
Star Chef
Star Chef
Star Chef
Star Chef

Review Star Chef

Alexander Vorobyev
Star Chef is a fancy and light chef simulator game for Android devices. The game lets you try yourself at cooking and manage either a sushi restaurant, burger shop, or confectionery.
Having been developed by CanadaDroid studio, the game offers you simple but addictive game play and graphics, lots of missions, three game episodes, and lots of hungry customers that you will need to feed using a wide array of ingredients from three menus.

Game play

Star Chef is one of the simplest and fastest simulator games that’ll let you have a lot of fun. Just choose a preferable game episode (Sushi, Humberger, or Cake Island) and go for it. You will need to work as a chef and cook various burgers, sushi, or cakes to customers and treat them to drinks like coke or sake. Every episode features 60 levels with growing difficulty. Also, a lot of new ingredients will be added to the menu as you play.
Be careful as there will be customers with their own needs (for example those who don’t like waiting), whilst to complete a level successfully you will need to make a certain amount of money over a limited period of time. In order to cook something you will just need to tap on ingredients in the correct order according to what the customer wants to snack.

Key features of Star Chef for Android:

  • Simple graphics and controls;
  • Three game episodes and 180 levels;
  • Lots of ingredients and different customer types;
  • Light but addictive game play;
  • Power-up and upgrading system.
This is a really light simulator game that has everything you need: action, addictiveness, and simplicity. It is distributed for free with built-in ads.


Star Chef is a great and simple arcade game for Android devices that lets you become a real chef and train your dexterity and memory by serving customers tasty food.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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