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101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games
101-in-1 Games

Review 101-in-1 Games

Jay Feldman
Can be played without in-app purchases, lots of levels
Kills your battery, too easy, very common, bad controls, boring game play, low quality graphics, low quality animation
101-in-1 Games for Android looks like it has a lot going for it at first glance, but in reality, it’s very poorly designed and would bore most people after the first session.
101-in-1 Games has been around for years on most every platform. It has a lot of shelf appeal, in that, it looks exciting and enticing to play. But once you rip open the proverbial box and get into it, you’ll quickly discover that it lacks substance and intrigue. I wish I could say this would be a great game for kids, but I just don’t think so. I don’t think this game is good for anyone but the developers, and its only purpose seems to be as a hard sales pitch to buy upgrades.
Sure, there are 101 games here, but the problem is, at least 100 of them are utterly boring and unplayable. Virtually all the games I tried had lousy controls that hampered the play more than anything. The graphics are crude at best, and the animation is heavy handed and sluggish. It truly looks like no one has bothered to develop any of this since I first owned it on my old Packard Bell 364.
This app only has 2 functions in my opinion – it drains your battery almost as much as it tries to drain your wallet. Sadly, it's highly glitchy, underwhelming and seriously not worth it.
101-in-1 Games promises to be hours of fun for whomever plays it. I’m being profoundly generous to say there’s even one game I enjoyed. I don’t think this is even worthwhile for kids; it will only invite them to break your screen as they pound on the lousy controls. I just added a game of my own for a total of 102 games - my game is called "Watch How Fast I can Uninstall This app!".

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Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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I came to this page wondering if any owners of this game discovered any sub-game worth the tokens. I agree it's not worth the download but since I already did I'm wondering now which sub-game to unlock with my accumulated tokens.
Dar'ya Suvorova
On my gosh! Your game number 102 is awesome! What a fun! )))))
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