Middle Manager of Justice
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Middle Manager of Justice
Middle Manager of Justice
Middle Manager of Justice
Middle Manager of Justice
Middle Manager of Justice
Middle Manager of Justice
Middle Manager of Justice
Middle Manager of Justice

Review Middle Manager of Justice

Sergei Petrov
Middle Manager of Justice - this is an extremely unusual simulator for Android, in which we will play for the office manager, assembles a team of superheroes to clean the city from criminals and villains.
Engaged in developing the game studio Double Fine Productions, which parodied his game just two topics - office work and super heroes. The game has a bright and beautiful graphics, memorable characters and villains. It is evident that the game was made with great interest and love, there is no sense of banality, as is the case with games from Gameloft.


The protagonist of the game - the office of Justice of the middle manager who decided out of his office to make a large training room for superheroes and take the security of the city in their hands. It was from his ability to work, look for jobs and to select a superhero's life depends on ordinary people.
The game begins with the creation of the first superhero, it is necessary to buy a comic book and choose one of the three favorite characters. You need to look not only at the appearance, but also on characteristics such as health, attack power and intelligence. Also, it is necessary to take into account that each character has a unique super hits.
Urgent tasks are marked on the map with the map of the city and the time during which we must come to the rescue. We choose the superheroes who will go on a mission.
The process of the fight in the Middle Manager of Justice held in semi-automatic mode, the heroes and villains are fighting themselves, but we can manage their skills. A quest we get the recognition and the money that can be spent on the development of the office.
In between battles, we can give different assignments super heroes, for example, send them to train strength, dexterity or brains. Also, if after a battle with a superhero is short lives, then send it to sleep.

Features of Middle Manager of Justice for Android:

  • Very simple and intuitive interface;
  • Memorable visual style;
  • Great graphics;
  • A large number of funny super heroes and villains;
  • Unique gameplay.
The only flaw of the game - this is often hang in the various activities. Fortunately, this is only a technical problem that can fix already in the next update.
Summary. Middle Manager of Justice - this is a great game for Android, in which the developers were able to strongly reconsider and revise all the boring genre of social simulations. The game is distributed free of charge, while it contains in-game purchases with real money, but you can get along fine without them. Be prepared for the fact that this game you will tighten and very long!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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