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Review Catorize

Sergei Petrov
Catorize - nice arcade game for Android with a very fresh and addictive gameplay, fun characters, a great soundtrack and convenient operation. In this world of magic, good and evil, you'll pass one after the other difficult levels for accuracy, precision and wit, playing a funny character in the form of a clever cat.
This is the case when like anything special, very simple story, mid-level graphics and uncomplicated control, but it looks very harmonious and certainly pleases and eyes and ears. The game has been compared to Angry Birds, pointing to the clear advantage of the latter. However, we would not have to carry out this comparison, since this hit is to be fed, and there is clearly present a fresh interpretation of this trend in the gameplay.


So, our brave kitten will overcome obstacles, avoid contact with the monsters in the form of spiders and so on and even destroy many creatures, trying to cleverly sneak to the next level. Very easy to control with just one finger can shoot down immediately collisions, giving false hope that everything will be very easy and simple. But it's worth playing a few levels as you realize that in the management of one finger, and there is also a disadvantage when you can not move it is on, but the jump has to be perfect, anyway. To jump just push your finger on the screen and conduct it in the direction you need to jump. From how high you lift your finger, will depend on the height of the jump. In this case, your destination and the estimated jump will be displayed as a dotted line down to the landing site.
Also, the game has a lot of interesting traps and physical effects. For example, you can slip on ice and fall out of the field, you can get bogged down in the sand, from the elastic gum nice push off, and the wind can move over obstacles and between the lugs. In many cases, you have to make decisions about further jump straight to the first jump and so on, it is on track to judge the situation and do not give your kitten to die in a terrible abyss. For the successful completion you will receive an asterisk.

Features Catorize for Android:

  • User-friendly interface and addictive gameplay;
  • Gorgeous, relaxing soundtrack;
  • Nice graphics and cool animation cat;
  • Interesting design settings in the menu;
  • The three-star ratings system;
  • A large number of enemies and traps;
  • 80 levels and 5 locations.
As long as you have not bought the full version, can play only in the first world, consisting of 16 free levels. Here you will meet well, just a huge amount of publicity. And given the fact that far from the first time it will be possible to pass each level, you will have time to hate developers cram advertising between each level, with each loss and transition. But this disaster will not end, because the ads will start and still hangs periodically! Therefore, if you do not want to spoil all the impression of a pleasant and high-quality game, we recommend to buy it right away and enjoy to the fullest.


Catorize - nice arcade game for Android with a pleasant design and easy operation. The game does not get boring for a long time, great time in the role of the killer and will appeal to all ages and fans of various genres. The cost of the full version is only $ 1.5, and the freshness of the gameplay well, exactly that amount justified. It is strongly recommended!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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