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Review Asterogue

Sergei Petrov
Asterogue - this is an unusual game for Android, made ​​in the genre of "hack` n `slash". The game is not typical for the genre control with gestures. We will play for a fighting robot, which with the help of the sword and blaster must destroy all enemies.
Development of the game has been a little-known studio Real Human Games, and this is their first project. It is noteworthy that the first game is not just got lucky, but the developers have made it totally free, with no advertising and in-game purchases. Great gift from a young studio and a way to express yourself.


Management in Asterogue very unusual. The fact that the main character, the robot is able to carry four types of weapons. Each of the weapons withdrawn his gesture (to attack with a sword or hammer) and tap to fire at enemies. To hit the enemy, it is necessary to hold your finger on it or click on it, the robot itself will run up and strike. We can also activate a super power, which in a few seconds slow down time and increase the damage of attacks.
The peculiarity is that each weapon has a certain amount of energy and recharge. As soon as the melee weapon, you need to quickly run back (click on any place) and start firing at the enemy with the click of your fingers.
At the beginning of the energy of a weapon ends very quickly and you have to run around, waiting for the charge, but later, when we will find more powerful weapons, we will be able to attack without stopping. Weapons produced directly in the game, you simply drag a toolbar to its activation.
Battles in the game are held on a variety of square platforms that are randomly generated, as a weapon and your enemies. Once you clear a single platform, open passages to other platforms.
The level ends when you find the teleport, and you can either return to base, retaining all the points. You can continue your journey, but if you die, you will lose all accumulated.

Features Asterogue for Android:

  • Nice graphics;
  • An exciting combat system with gestures;
  • The random level generation;
  • More than 8,000 variations of weapons;
  • Struggles with a variety of enemies and bosses;
  • An additional mode for a quick game.
The disadvantages include the inaccuracy of the game controls, which occur due to frequent failures, as well as the high complexity of the game, especially at the beginning, there is not a good weapon.
Summary. Asterogue - good and dynamic action game for Android, which will appeal to fans of Hack `n` Slash. The game is not a masterpiece, but given a full free, is it possible to forgive all the flaws. From similar games we can identify Combo Crew , there are also fights and gestures, improved graphics, but the game itself is distributed solely for the money.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 6/10
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